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How to Use GBWhatsApp for Beginners (Newest 2018)

As is well known that the GBWhatsApp application is a WhatsApp MOD application, which is specifically designed with several advantages and uniqueness. One of the unique features of this GBWhastApp is that this application can run simultaneously with the official version of the WhatsApp application.

In addition, sometimes there are users who think of having two different WhatsApp accounts. So, this GBWhatsApp application can be a solution for those of you who want to have two accounts, so there is no need to bother to have two smartphones at once. To enjoy the advantages of this GBWhatsApp, you must download and install this application on your smartphone. However, this GBWhatsApp application will not be found in Play Store but you have to download it yourself via a web browser ( the tutorial here ).

In this article, I will explain the features what is contained in GBWhatsApp and how to use it. Just go to an explanation of how to use the following GBWhatsApp.

How to Use GBWhatsApp

In general, GBWhatsApp has the same features as the official WhatsApp. However, GBWhatsApp is equipped with various features that are not officially owned by WhatsApp. What are these features?

One feature that you can enjoy is the Privacy or Privacy feature. This feature can be enjoyed by selecting the menu located in the top right corner, such as the menu found on WhatsApp. Well, below will explain what privacy features are found on GBWhatsApp along with how to use GBWhatsApp.

 How to Use GBWhatsApp

1. Show Online Status

On WhatsApp itself, to see if other users are offline or online can be seen through the status that was found when opening the user's chat. Whereas on GBWhatsApp, you can hide Online status so that other users cannot see that you are online.

How to use it? You just have to choose the Privacy menu> select Show Online Status . That way, other users do not know that you are actually online.

 How to use GBWhatsApp

2. Blue Ticks

Surely, you have noticed on WhatsApp that when the chat has been read by another user, it will show a blue tick (double ticks) in your chat.

If you want to hide that you have read another user's chat, then you just select the Privacy menu> select Blue Ticks . That way, other users will think that you have not read the message it sent, while you know if the message you sent has been read by that user.

3. Second Ticks

This feature is the same as the previous feature, which is that you can hide that you have read chat from other users, which distinguishes this feature from showing only one check. That way, other users assume that the chat you have not received, let alone read.

In fact, you yourself have read the chat from these users. How to use it is also easy, you just have to choose the Privacy menu> select Second Ticks . Just like WhatsApp, even though you have enabled this feature, you can still reply to the user's chat.

4. Writing Status

Have you ever noticed the words "… is typing" when someone else will send a message to you? Now, by using this feature you can hide the status from other users, so that other users do not know that you are sending a message to him.

5. Blue Microphone

By using this feature, you can hide the blue check when voicemails from other users have been read by you. How to use it is also easy, you just choose Privacy> select Blue Microphone, other users will think that voicemail from you has not been heard

6. Enable Anti-Revoke

You may have felt annoyed when the message was deleted by the sender, so you can't see what message it sent. If on WhatsApp, the message has been deleted by the user, we can't see it again unless using an additional application.

However, by enabling this feature in GBWhatsApp, you can refuse to delete messages from other users. Or in other words, you can still read the message, even though the message was actually deleted by the sender.

These are some of the features contained in GBWhatsApp and how to use GBWhatsApp (along with its features). With these features, your privacy is more awake. However, be you as a wise user in using the application. Do not let the application that you use harm yourself even other users.


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