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how to use bluestack and how to install bbm on pc

Bluestack – assalamualaikum the visitors tuntor.com ,. well as in the title we will discuss about how to use bluestack an android emulator is dedicated to a on PC or Laptop for those of you who want to feel the sensation of android in your computer

if my friend as a hobby / fan with pc / laptop may this thing would you want to try if it can really use android on your pc / laptop pal? read this article to the end ?

in the use of bluestack itself is almost the same as the use in hp android, allows you can mengopopasikan various applications android exactly the same but if you want to install this application of course your computer must meet certain conditions. what are these conditions?

has a size of 2BG RAM

  • An empty space on a 9GB hard drive
  • operating system computer: Windows XP (32bit), Vista, 7, 8 , 8.1 or os on it
  • a special requirement for windows vista

    your computer must have installed sevice pack (SP2) can be installed via windows update

    special terms windows xp (32bit)

    • computer buddy must have installed plug in windows installer 4.5 can be directly downloaded here
    • install also Net Framework 2.0 or any version above it can be searched on google

    other things to note: update vga driver / graphic card pal, do not install the application default windows like bitdefender (as it is not compatible with bluestack apps) as well as other virtual machine apps like Virtual Box, VM Ware Player, Parallel, QEMU, Windows Virtual PC etc.

    okeh maybe sepert i it is more or less requirement that must be installed on your computer, then how to install bluestack ?? this jga I will discuss in this tutorial my friend can follow the steps as I will demonstrate below.

    how to install bluestack

    1. first step download bluestacks application can directly download the official link here
    2. then install the application you have downloaded
      (note if you want to install offline follow like step no 1 before the process of installing bluestack turn off the internet connection first for the install process smoothly and no problem unless you install online, although it sounds strange and silly but it is very influential "my own experience: D".
    3. right click on BlueStacks2_native.exe then run administor (win7) double click (xp) wait a while – then click Next – let storage by default then click Next – click Install wait until the installation process to complete then click Finish
    4. if process install and then open the application and do not forget to connect your internet connection again to make it more stable

    how to use bluestack

    how to use it also fairly easy / simple as I will convey in brief hopefully can be understood by my friend tuntor with own language style of course hehe: D. (19659005) open the bluestack app that was installed earlier sightings like gbr below  how to install bluestack

  • if you want to see all apps that you can use can click on the symbol (+) All Apss, the whole application will look like pd gbr  bluestacks app player
  • notice apps marked yellow circle, the app will not exist before my buddy install , installah aplikasi2 buddy you need if my friend has never downloaded via pc can search in google first (easy ko) ..  bluestack latest
  • if my friend already have apk formatted files like apps, android games on pc live right click on the file then click open with bluestack apk installer, wait until the process is complete  downl oad bluestacks
  • open the Bluestack app if not yet visible sign of the existence of the newly installed apps click the bluestack icon on the taskbar screen the computer pal in the bottom corner obviously as in gbr  bbm app for laptop [19659006] now look back to see if your apps are visible
  • for camera default applications can be used if on the computer there is an external camera, but if on the laptop can directly use webcam camera
  • then for settings / settings just like in smartphone gadget on generally
  • equally easy not like in hp sobat2 all but if my friend feel the deficiency in bluestack emulator can find the solution may teman2 other bloggers who know the deficiency can still be overcome, tp if there is no solution of course my friend can understand because all the application of course has its own disadvantages and advantages.

    sele sai already turorial how to use bluestack this time, hopefully this article useful for us all specially new know and learn. sorry if there are words that are not readable because perfect only belongs to Allah SWT: D.

    thank you for reading on tuntor.com


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