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How to use a MicroSD card as an internal memory on Android

Is it
Do you want to use your MicroSD card as internal memory? and you
can I install applications in it freely? Then you need to
format it as internal memory first. Easy enough in part
big Android phones, but unfortunately, some manufacturers like Sony, LG or
Samsung, can't do this by default. However, if the OS is a smart phone
You are Android Marshmallow and maybe this way below will be enough
it's easy to convert external memory into internal memory.

An easy way to change external memory (microSD)
become Internal memory

If you are lucky, your smartphone will
lets you do this without having to connect to a PC. If you are
use newer versions of Android such as (7.0 Nougat or 8.0 Oreo). This is
how to change it:

  • Put an SD card on your Android phone and wait for the card to read
         by Android phones.
  • Open [1945912] Settings> Storage
  • Select the name of your SD card.
  • Select three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select Storage Settings .
  • Select the format as the internal 1945 option .
  • Select Delete & Format at the prompt
  • The Android system will then offer to migrate your data

If your Android phone doesn't allow you
do it this way, then it becomes a bit more complicated.


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