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How to Upload PDFs to Blogs for Beginners (Complete + Pictures)

A blog will be more interesting if it has its own appeal for shared content. Many ways you can do to make our blog more interesting than other blogs. In addition to set the theme we can also display examples of the appropriate files we discussed in our blog.

By displaying some suitable sample files, visitors will be more interested in our blog and will not be seen monotonous content on our blog. Then, the appearance of the document will be easier for visitors to read than just sentences that are not clearly visible to the visitor. And certainly visitors will more easily understand and understand.

How to Easily Upload PDFs to Blogs

Actually we can upload any type of file into our blog, be it word, excel, or PDF. We just need to adjust the sample file that we provide. For example, when we create content about CV writing format .

Visitors or readers of our blog will be more interested if you see firsthand CV examples in any form of documents, than just by looking at examples of posts in our posts. [19659002] So, visitors will more easily get the benefits of our blog content. However, the document file is not directly uploaded just like that through our blog, there are a few steps that you must follow first. Immediately, see the steps – how to upload PDFs to the blog below.

1. First, please open a web browser on your laptop / computer, either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

2. Then, please open the site docs.google.com or google documents. As in the picture below.


3. Please log in using your Google account.

4. Then, please click on the folder icon . As in the picture below.

 Here's How to Upload PDFs to Blogs

5. Then, please select the Upload tab to upload your PDF file. Then, please click Select the file from your device . As in the picture below.

 click upload

6. Well, then please choose the PDF file you want. Then, please click Open . As in the picture below.

 open pdf

7. Then, your PDF file will automatically open. Please click dot icon 3 in the right corner next to your profile photo. Then, click Set . As shown below:

 How to Upload PDFs to Blogs for Beginners

8. Then, you will be directed to your Google drive.

9. Please right-click on the PDF file that you uploaded earlier. Then, please click Share . As in the picture below.


10. Then, please click on the chain icon in the upper right corner until the color of the chain is green. Then, in the column section anyone with a link can see, please click Others . As in the picture below.


11. Then, please select Active – Public on the Web so that everyone can view your PDF file later that you put on your blog. Then, please click Save. As shown below:

 Steps for uploading PDFs to blogs

12. Then, reopen the PDF file that was uploaded earlier. Then, please click point 3 again, then please select Embed item . As in the picture below.

 embed item

13. Then, HTML will appear that you will need to place on your blog. Please copy the HTML link and click OK . As shown below:

 HTML copy

14. Well, then please open your blog and paste the HTML link that you copied earlier. But remember, you have to paste it in the HTML section not Compose. Like in the picture below.


15. Done Try to post your blog, and see if the PDF file appears or not. If successful then display your PDF file as shown below.


That's all for this tutorial on how to upload PDF files to a blog. Hopefully this tutorial can be useful. Thank you ?


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