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How to Take the Latest Cheap Telkomsel Internet Package

We have to admit the provider that indeed never disappoints its customers is TELKOMSEL. Many telkomsel services that best suit our pocket. The advantage of this provider is not only in terms of telephone or sms. However, we can always rely on internet packages. Apart from strong signals and almost minimal interference.

Most people think that Telkomsel is a valuable cellular network operator. Apparently, this assumption is not true because Telkomsel also offers several products that are affordable to users. One of them is a large selection of large cheap internet packages. Maybe Telkomsel itself is a provider that provides a lot of internet packages that can be tailored to the tastes of customers.

However, some packages are not exposed. Some of us only know how to take the package with the dial menu at 363. There are indeed many choices but if observed more in Telkomsel itself provides many internet packages. Below is a list of options along with how to take cheap Telkomsel internet packages.

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<h2 style= Latest Cheap Telkomsel Internet Package

MIDI Loop 1.7 GB

For those of you Telkomsel operators, of course, you are familiar with the internet MIDI Loop package.
This internet package is a solution for those of you who need internet access at a price
affordable. Telkomsel itself provides a total quota of 1.7 GB in the MIDI internet package.
This loop.

The total 1.7 GB quota is divided into three, namely 700 MB in the form of regular quota and 1 GB specifically for the 4G network. The list process and activation are quite simple because you can do it
through the dial up menu on the smartphone. The way you just press the * 567 # then do the dial to the number. Meanwhile, Telkomsel is offering a package of IDR 27,000.00 for 30 days.

Nu OnLoop 7 GB

One more cheap Telkomsel internet package that you can enjoy is Nu OnLoop 7 GB. According to
its name, this package variant offers a quota of 7 GB which is divided into three. Details
the internet quota distribution is 5.4 GB night quota, 600 MB regular internet access and 1 GB
for 4G networks.

The quota amount offered by Telkomsel's cheap internet packages is certainly enough to meet your
internet access needs. If you want to subscribe or also activate,
will be charged a fee of Rp. 29,500.00 with an active period of 30 days. Next, you can do this cheap Telkomsel internet package you can do via dial up to number * 567 #.

Loop Giga Chat

Unlike the previous two types of cheap Telkomsel quota packages, Loop Giga Chat gives
flexibility for users to access WhatsApp, Line and BBM. Besides that, with
subscribe to this package you also get an additional 7GB total quota. The quota amount
divided into three, namely 600 MB regular quota, 5.4 GB internet night and 1 GB 4G network.
When you decide to register or activate the Loop Giga Chat package it will
charged IDR 35,000.00 After officially subscribing, this Telkomsel internet package can
You use it for 30 days. Then, you can do the way to register via
dial to number * 567 #.

Maxi Loop 7 GB

Just like the Telkomsel internet package discussed earlier, this 7 GB Maxi Loop has
30 days active period. This internet quota number package follows its name which is 7 GB which
divided into two, namely 2 GB regular quota and 5 GB 4G network. By subscribing to packages
Maxi Loop, you will get a large quota at an affordable price.

Yes, Telkomsel does sell the 7 GB Maxi Loop package for only Rp. 50,000.00.
How friendly are you in your pocket right? In addition, the package registration and activation process can also be done simply. You only need to dial the number * 567 # for
to enjoy this package internet access.

So far, Telkomsel is popular as a cellular network provider that always gives
excellent service to users. The form of excellent service provided is in the form of a broad cellular
network to a wide selection of cheap internet packages. If you are interested in enjoying super cheap
internet, the list and how to get cheap Telkomsel internet packages above can be tried.


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