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How To Take Care Of Beauty With Fruits And Vegetables

How To Take Care Of Beauty With Fruits And Vegetables. Beautiful thanks to fruits and vegetables. As part of the body of the face and hair needs nutrients for health and growth. Put a little lemon juice on your hair and mask your face with strawberry juice. The result must be amazing.
Fresh fruits and vegetables that we eat everyday are not only useful for the health of the body also helps our beauty treatments and slow the aging process. Choose fresh and clean fruits. Note also the cleanliness of the container and equipment that we will use.

Another thing to remember Make a mask shortly before use so that the vitamins contained in it are still in good condition. The first step is to clean face first with cream or cleansing milk and apply tonic tonic So also with hair. After that adhere with natural cosmetics to suit your needs. Generally the substances contained in fruits and vegetables do not cause side effects for skin beauty treatments. Unless you who have very sensitive skin are advised to consult a dermatologist before using fruits and vegetables as cosmetics.

How To Take Care of Fruit And Vegetable Beauty


Contains lots of vitamin E and amino acids that can moisturize the skin and prevent wrinkle. Use as a moisturizer or as a mask for dry skin care. The way lactate half the meat of ripe avocados. Mix with one egg yolk on face as mask. Allow 20 minutes. Wash with warm water wash with cold water. Avocado flesh can be used as cream creambath for dry hair. Allow 1 hour and rinse with warm water.


Contains vitamin E and moisturizer used for dry facial skin care. The way to take half of banana ambon that has been cooked and fresh lumatkan. Use as a moisturizer. Bananas can also reduce wrinkle wrinkles on the face. Mix banana flesh cooked egg whites and honey. Use as anti wrinkle mask. Previously clean the skin of light massage with almond oil. Apply a banana mask on the skin of the face except around the eyes. Allow 20 minutes to clean with a warm towel then rinse with cold water.

Lemon / lemon Lime

Contains vitamin C and is useful for oily skin care. Slice a fresh lemon / lime and attach it to an oily area like the forehead of the chin and cheeks. To nose gently rub the orange slice. Lemon / lemon juice is efficacious to nourish dull hair. Attach the orange slice to the hair while squeezed in small amounts. Flatten with the massaging movement of the scalp. After soaking rinse with cold water


If your skin type is oily use tomato juice for mask. The way puree a mixed tomato with 1 tablespoon of sago / cornstarch. Apply on face and leave for about 15 minutes lift the mask with a warm towel rinse with cold water. In addition to refreshing tomato masks can remove mild stains on the skin.


Contains an astringent substance that is useful for reducing the fat content in oily skin refreshing and cleansing dull skin.


Can be used as a sandpaper or peeler because it contains enzymes that can shed dead skin cells. Papaya meat and sap also work to deflect acne on the face. The result is clean and smooth skin. Blend 1 juring papaya ripe. Apply on face and leave for 10 minutes. Wash your face with warm water. Papaya fruit suitable for various skin types.


The content of starch in bengkuang is believed to whiten and tighten the skin. The starch is suitable for all skin types. Take one yolk (old enough) Peel the skin and grate. Mix grated bengkoang with rose water. Apply on facial skin as a mask


Fruits that contain substances anti fat is efficacious as an oily skin cleanser. Slice apple paste on face rinse with warm water


In addition to good eye health carrots rich in vitamin A efficacious nourish the skin and remove stains on the skin. Blend 100 grams of carrots Add tablespoon honey mix until well mixed use as a mask


Contains many vitamin C e k B1 B6 and B12. Broccoli also contains a kind of oxidant flavonoids known as anti-cancer. Blend 100 grams of broccoli flower use as a facial skin mask. Broccoli mask is suitable for all skin types.


A beautiful wicker used as an ornament This cake is very good for skin care. Strawberry mask releases dead skin cells. Suitable for dry and combination skin. Blend 3 strawberries mix with 1 tablespoon fresh milk. Apply on face as a mask. in the Strawberry mask that will market this can clean and remove mild stains on the skin.


Celery leaves and stems are believed to refresh the scalp and nourish hair. in take a bunch of celery puree with a squeeze blender. Dab water celery on hair and scalp. Hair becomes fertile black and bushy


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