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How to Submit a Sitemap Page Page on Blogger

How to Submit a Sitemap Page Page on Blogger. Hello blogger friend and hope your news is fine. On this occasion the admin will share blogger tutorials about submitting a special sitemap for the page alone or the page. On previous occasions the admin had shared tricks about taking the hidden blog url page . So on this occasion the admin will share how to submit for the page. The oldest admin articles have admin explain how easily submit blog sitemap . So our next step will be submitting the message.

Maybe some of my blogger friends don't know or understand that the sitemap on the page of a blog sometimes has some that enter it into the webmaster. Usually this kind of blog interacts more with services or product sales. In order not to interfere with the post, it is better to choose the page as a substitute or the boundary between posts with things you want to highlight. Have you ever seen or when typing a keyword on Google that came out the url there was p / page-url.html This is the default standard for the URL link of a blog. Because it uses a platform from blogger.com . Well For those who don't know the reason why the page URL came out between searches. Because crawl robots have been told to crawl the link address of the blog page. If the keywords and keywords are relevant or not, the page must be removed as well.

If you want your blog like that, the sitemap for the page / page must also be submitted on Google Webmaster. This event is the same when you submit to a wordpress platform blog. When submitting sitemap_index.xml then there are lots of components including pages in it. and all of that will be automatically automatically submitted in the search console. Then if we submit a page impact on SEO? In my view, the submit sitemap page has nothing to do with SEO, but only describes the robot crawl to need to be crawled or not. By default, for bloggers it is good if the page is not submitted, because the blog will focus on content only.

But if friends still want to submit a sitemap for the page, please refer to the following steps:

How to Submit Sitemap Page Page on Blogger

1. Please login to your google webmaster tools
2. Select the Site tab / Sitemap Enter URL sitemap-pages.xml

 How to Submit a Sitemap Page Page on Blogger "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 768 "data-original-width =" 1366 "height =" 358 "src =" https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-i5qdh4_9vXA/XJnX4kdR6_I/AAAAAAAAFaY/GssDWLKtD_IIqvJ8gW6fj-sDaj4SjaKmgCLcBGAs/s640/Cara%2BSubmit%2BSitemap%2BPage%2BHalaman%2BDi%2BBlogger.png " title = "How to Submit a Sitemap Page Page on Blogger" width = "640" /> </div>
 3. Then <b> SEND / SEND </b><br /><b><br /></b><br />
 Until this stage we have submitted the sitemap for the blogger page or page. this may be useful for all of you looking forward to other tutorial tutorials, so and thank you: D</p>
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