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How To Set The Default Tab In Task Manager In Windows 10

Task Manager is the built-in system monitoring tool in the Windows operating system. The Task Manager displays information about running apps, services, current CPU, RAM, GPU, network and disk usage, programs that load with Windows, and some other valuable details.

The Task Manager can also be used to figure out how many used and empty RAM slots are there on your computer. It also displays detailed information about CPU, RAM, GPU, and disk. You can also kill and run a program from the Task Manager.

set default tab in task manager in windows 10

As you know, the Task Manager has a total of seven tabs: Processes, Performance, App history, Startup, Users, Details, and Services.

The Processes tab is the default tab in Task Manager. That is, when you open the Task Manager, you will see the Processes tab. If you want to view the details in some other tab, you can switch to that.

If you often see yourself using the information in a specific tab other than the default Processes tab, you will be pleased to know that it’s now possible to set the default tab in Windows 10.

In 18305 and later builds of Windows 10, the Task Manager allows you to set the default tab. Here is how to set the default tab in Windows 10 Task Manager.

Set the default tab in Task Manager

Step 1: Open the Task Manager.

Step 2: Click on the Options menu, click Set default tab option, and then select a tab that you want to set as the default tab. That’s it!

How to set the default tab in Task Manager


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