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How to set GBWhatsApp on Android without complicated (Newest 2018)

Who does not know the WhatsApp application, the application Messaging is the most popular and popular with many people. So it's not uncommon, developers are competing to develop applications similar to WhatsApp. Have you ever heard of the WhatsApp Plus application? Well, the application is commonly called MOD or the modified application resembles the official application.

However, the WhatsApp Plus application is immediately blocked, while the features it offers are the main features currently used by WhatsApp officially, the "Last Seen" feature. After that, many other WhatsApp MOD applications have appeared, but the application can only be installed if your smartphone has been rooting .

Now, there are GBWhatsApp which are alternative applications for WhatsApp Plus where there are many features which is not officially owned by WhatsApp. Then, how to install GBWhatsApp on Android? In this article, I will explain how to install GBWhatsApp on your smartphone. Obviously, this application is very easy to install, it doesn't need to be done before rooting.

How to Setting GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp can run on your smartphone without having to do

rooting first . Unlike other WhatsApp MOD applications, GBWhatsApp becomes the best MOD application so that this application can run simultaneously with the official version of the WhatsApp application.

You can install the GBWhatsApp application without having to delete or uninstall the official WhatsApp application. However, what you need to remember is that to use GBWhatsApp, the registered mobile number must be different from the number that was registered with the WhatsApp application [19199006]. installed in your smartphone. Below you will explain the steps for setting GBWhatsApp (starting from installing it etc.).

Step 1: Change Security Settings / Security Settings on Your Smartphone

Before you install GBWhatsApp, make sure your smartphone has activated the feature Unknown Source . Here are the steps to activate it.

1. Please enter the Settings menu on your Smartphone. Then choose Security .

 How to Setting GBWhatsApp on Android

2. Allow your cellphone to install applications that come from unknown sources by activating the Unknown Source feature in Device Management.

 How to Setting GBWhatsApp on Android

Step 2: Install GBWhatsApp application

1. First you have to download the GBWhatsApp application through the following link . If the download process appears as shown below, then press Download .

2. After the download process is complete, try opening the file. In general, the process of installing GBWhatsApp is the same as WhatsApp's official version. Click Install if it appears as shown below.

 How to Setting GBWhatsApp

3. Wait until the install process is complete. Then, click Open to verify the data.

 How to easily set GBWhatsApp

4. Then the page will appear Welcome to WhatsApp click AGREE AND CONTINUE .

 Welcome to WhatsApp

5. A pop-up appears stating your willingness to allow WhatsApp to access contacts on your smartphone, click Continue .  click Continue

6. You will be instructed to verify the cellphone number that will be used in this GBWhatsApp. Fill in your cellphone number, then click Next .

 then click Next

Note: Remember that the registered cellphone number must be different from the cellphone number registered on the WhatsApp application

7. GBWhatsApp will send an SMS in the form of a verification code to the entered mobile number. Select Ok to continue.

 GBWhatsApp will send an SMS

8. Enter the verification code. If it is correct, GBWhatsApp will ask you to create your profile name. Click Next to continue.

 Click Next to continue

9. Close GBWhatsApp Changelog by clicking OK . Finally, you can use GBWhatsApp on your smartphone.

 GBWhatsApp Changelog by clicking Ok

Isn't it easy to install GBWhatsApp on your smartphone? Indeed, in terms of appearance, GBWhatsApp has similarities with official WhatsApp. However, GBWhatsApp has many features that its official application doesn't have. One of them, GBWhatsApp can be set using Indonesian language without having to make changes in your smartphone's Settings menu.

That is the explanation of how to install the GBWhatsApp application on Android. For how to use its features, can be listened to through the following . Thank you.


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