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How to Save IG Story / InstaStory Instagram

If you frequently open Instagram, there are so many IGs
The story and posts are in the form of interesting pictures or videos so that
maybe there are some of us to save the IG Story. This time,
Instagram has no facilities to save the story to our mobile. And
we all know that IG Story (Instastories) will only appear during
24 hours. After that, the Stories will disappear and cannot be seen again.

this article we will discuss how to save an IG Story
we like.
Here is a simple way to save IG Story (
Instastories) on Instagram:

  1. Open Website storiesig.com here
  2. After the website opens, in the column Username
  3. Type "username" from the Instagram account we want save IG Story (Instastories).
  4. Then the IG Story will appear from the account
  5. Click on IG Story Posts
  • Select IG Story you want to save
  • Click Posts " Download "To save the IG Story

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