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How To Return Shopee Funds For Items Not Sent By The Seller

How to Return Shopee Funds for Items Not Sent by Sellers ~ Online sellers are becoming increasingly rampant for the world with a significant trend of technological advances, but there are also those who want to sell goods that are commonly experienced by buyers, namely the goods are not shipped or in the sense that they are packaged in status and there is no status sent even though we have paid all the money for payment.

One of the advantages of this shopee service is that it is usually called a rekber system that allows your money to remain safe if the item is not proven to be delivered to the destination of your house. some time ago I also experienced this problem and searched the internet how to return our money completely to the bank account we have.

But now there is an update on shopee that is located in the form of the newest payment instrument now named ShopeePay, ShopeePay is almost the same as GoPay that you might use, this payment tool is very easy to transact with just entering a pin without complicated filling the ATM or the like. We can also control ShopeePay as well as our own wallet at Shopee. maybe you don't know much about this because this is also new from the shopee itself.

Back to the topic of conversation, there are two things that can return your funds intact to the bank account safely, namely

  • Canceling Orders because of no so (This Is Usually Rarely Occurred) But it can also be done
  • Canceling Orders because the shipping status is still PACKED and not sent

In my experience I can experience problems in the second point, if you are just like me. so this time I will share the way to refund or refund to the account via an intermediary from ShopeePay.

How to Return Shopee Funds for Items Not Sent By Seller

For those who worry about the money being gone because of this … calm down 🙂 don't worry .. you can follow the guide below so that your money is saved to your fridge hehe ..

# 1 Make Sure You Have Made a ShopeePay Pin in Your Shopee Application

In this first point I probably won't explain at length , because to activate the scope you only need to click on the scope as shown below

 shopee refund "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 1070 "data-original-width =" 718 "height =" 320 " src = "https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-En-imCf7Wqs/XAtkOQQ_TUI/AAAAAAAAEYg/i0i4e0OcY7wzbXynoaIbho7unUKrPIopwCLcBGAs/s320/ShopeePay.jpeg" title = "shopee refund" width = "214" /> </a></div>
 When You First Make a ShopeePa Account y You will be asked to make a PIN </b> ShopeePay .. <b> Please fill it yourself and remember it! </b></p>
 After creating a ShopeePay account you will see the amount of your balance that is <b> Rp. 0 </b></p>
 <b> If you have seen the contents of the balance </b> then until here you have successfully registered your ShopeePay. Please Continue to Step 2 … </p>
<span style= # 2 Canceling the Order that Was Packed and Didn't Visit Submit

Look Like the picture below, this is an example of items that were not sent sent for approximately 2 weeks I waited and was not sent at all by the seller


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