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How to restore a forgone Google Chrome bookmark not export first

How to Restore Google Chrome Bookmarks – Google Chrome is a fairly popular web browser. The advantages of Google Chrome compared to other web browsers is, Google has provided the Single Sign On (SSO) feature. This means that users only have one account to access all Google applications and services including Chrome. The Google Chrome web browser is equipped with a data synchronization feature for apps, extensions, bookmarks, and themes using only one Google account. With the synchronization feature, we can display all the same bookmarks when using another computer.

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Bookmark facility is used to store a website page. That way when we want to re-open certain sites, then just click on the page stored in the bookmark. We no longer need to retype the URL of the site if we previously saved it in a bookmark.

Maybe this bookmark feature can be said to be important. For those who like to surf the internet with various sites, of course, to make it easier when at any time want to be opened again, it is better to save it in the form of bookmarks.

If you are among those who like to save the site in the form of bookmarks, it is highly recommended to be diligent in doing backups. Because this is necessary if one day all your important bookmarks are deleted. You only need to restore to restore all bookmarks.

How to Backup (Export) All Google Chrome Bookmarks

It is not difficult to backup all Google Chrome bookmarks. You just need to go to the chrome: // bookmarks / URL in Google Chrome. Then click Organize (point three decreases) next to the top right. Then select Export Bookmarks and specify the location to save the Bookmark file on the computer.

Now you have an HTML Bookmark file that will be needed to restore deleted bookmarks in the future. Back up Google Chrome bookmarks periodically or at least after you save a new site on the bookmark page.

How to Restore (Import) All Google Chrome Bookmarks

To restore all Google Chrome bookmarks the way is not much different from the above backup method. Please in the Google Chrome web browser go directly to the chrome URL: // bookmarks /. Then in Organize you click select Import Bookmarks . Search for the location of the HTML Bookmark file or Export file earlier and finish.

How to Restore All Google Chrome Bookmarks With the Synchronization Feature

As explained above that Google Chrome is equipped with the Sync feature. You no longer need to backup or export bookmarks as above. You only need to use the Google Chrome Sync feature to restore all saved bookmarks.

This synchronization feature can only be done if you have previously synchronized all of Google Chrome's bookmarks. To synchronize this saved bookmark, all you have to do is use a Google account. You can click select Syincing to on Google Chrome.

Then click select Turn on sync and log in using your Google account. Automatically all Google Chrome Bookmarks will be automatically saved in your Google account.

Furthermore, if some time later all your bookmarks are deleted, for example Computer OS or Google Chrome reinstall then you can simply re-enable this Synchronization feature and all bookmarks will reappear. 19659005] Even this synchronization feature you can do also on another computer. For example you save bookmarks on Google Chrome at home computer, then you can also display all bookmarks on the office computer. To display it, you can simply activate the Synchronization feature on an office computer.

Computers to display all of these synchronization bookmarks are unlimited in number.

How to Restore All Bookmarks of Google Chrome That Forgot Backup and Forget Synchronization

Then how to restore entire bookmark while you don't have backup files and never synchronize too? Can this bookmark page still be restored? Of course the answer can still be. I have practiced this method myself and the results have been successful.

To restore all saved bookmarks that have forgotten to export and synchronize, the steps are as follows:

1. Show Computer Hidden Files

Before doing this, please close the Google Chrome web browser first. Then activate the settings for displaying hidden files on your computer. The trick is from Windows Explorer please click Organize then click Folder and search options .

From the tab View in the option Hidden files and folders please click select Show hidden files, folders, and drives then click Ok .

2. Change Google Chrome Bookmarks File

Next, please go to C: Users [Nama_User] AppData Local Google Chrome User Data . From the usual User Data if your Google Chrome has never previously synced, please select the Default folder. But if it has ever been synchronized, please select the Profile for which you want to restore the Bookmark page. Because it could be if Google Chrome had synchronized several users, in the User Data folder several profiles would be created.

Furthermore, after selecting the Default folder or Profile, you search for files Bookmarks and ] Bookmarks.bak . You change the Bookmarks file by adding .old or becoming Bookmarks.old . Then in the file Bookmarks.bak You need .bak to Bookmarks only.

By renaming the Bookmarks file as explained. above, the Google Chrome Bookmarks page will recover. Every last activity on Google Chrome will be automatically saved to the Bookmarks file. And for longer activities will be automatically stored in the BAK File.

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Ok maybe article How to Restore Google Chrome Bookmarks sufficient that's all. If you find difficulties, can be submitted in the comment box. Hopefully this article has its benefits and see you again in other cool and interesting articles. Always successful greetings …

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