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How To Reset And Re-Set Modem Router Indihome

Now I will explain about tutorial. how to reset and reset modem router indihome since some people want to know setting aka speedy indihome, hence therefore I will share my experience with modem indihome setting ini

From background forgot password problem modem admisitrator, until want to replace the modem with a new one. there is a problem to reset the modem and reset the router, in order to connect again with the internet.

Ok just you prepare the materials needed to reset and reset your modem or router indohome, among others.

  1. username or customer number your indihome. usually 12 numbers (example 131164xxxxxx) and the usual password combination of numbers and letters, as many as 10 characters or can be more dependent jg.
  2. router or modem that would be in setting
  3. strive the internet is not in disturbance when you reset (19659007) If you do not use the TP-LINK modem and use other modems such as ZTE, Huawei etc.

    After you have done the preparation, Read Also: 3 Steps How to Change WIFI Password Indihome

    You just follow it. because not much different way its setting, just difference from its menu only. that looks different. but the same red thread is the same.

    The first step to reset the modem indihome is reset first.

    How to reset the modem is actually 2 ways. ie by way of soft reset or by way of hard reset essentially the same aja. but the background of the problem may be different.

    How to Reset Induced MODEM ROUTER

    For the first way I will teach. (19459006), using the username and password you already know.

    Example goes to router indihome

    You open a web browser like google chrome or firefox etc, keep typing in its url column with ip the router its example

    1. its example typed if not respond and not showing page to enter username and password try to replace with if not responding try restart used your router by click on power button keep on again. then try again
    2. after login page you enter username: admin password: admin but if you have changed the password you typed the admin password you remember
    3. and if you have logged in (19459020) sysrestart and then there are 2 first choices Current Setting (so just restart the modem without changing the settings) and the second one is [Factory] Default Settings (the total reset menu of all its settings to default factory default) since we will practice resetting the settings means we have to choose the second option factory default and click restart . [19659005] wait until the reset process is complete, and show the number 100%. see picture
       how to set router indihome

      Explanation step reset router indihome

    4. if it is settled reset then you will be in order to re-login and enter admin username and admin password.

    Go to step how to do hard reset on router

    Actually this way is quite easy to do if you forget the router admin password

    ] You see live on the back of your modem or router,

    And you see there is a small hole that has reset writing (if different modem may not have reset writing), after that you plug the hole with something that enter my example use a needle.

    And press for 3 seconds until the lights in front of it look like reset or the same as when we turn on the modem when it dies. make sure the router is alive.

     how to reset modem indihome

    The image of the process does hardreset

    Well it's easy too, after that now you try again in the browser and access the default ip or and input admin username and admin password .

    If the way you do is right then you can now go to its administrator panel.

    How to Re-Set Modem Or Router Indihome

    After you reset using soft reset or hard reset then the next step is you just reset your modem settings so you can connect again to the internet. the steps are as below.

    1. Once you get into the router's dashboard. (19459020) click exit only (so we can use manual method)
    2. after that you click menu Interface setup ] and then click Internet .
    3. then setting it like this.
       setting the modem indihome

      setting on modem indihome

    4. first select virtual circuit at the earliest position ie PVCO and then click the status to Actived continue to content VPI became 8 and VCI became on the menu PPPoA / PPPoE continue content username with internet number you example [email protected] replace its number with your internet number and fill password sesua (19459020) Activated .
    5. confirm T CP MTU Option is so 1480 dynamic Route so RIP2-B and Multicast So IGMP V2 (19459007) You wait about 5 minute internet connection its way again or not and make sure there is no error in its setting

      If after you wait but its internet does not connect too, you try to change setting VPI and VCI become VPI = origin 8 become 0 and VCI = origin 81 becomes 35 . then save and wait again

      But I have tried many times that this setting is made sure to connect to internet and if not you try to do soft reset and select current setting to restart with the same settings, and wait for whether the internet indicator light is on or not.

      If the flash means your internet settigan has succeeded and you are ready to use your internet

      ok tutorial how to reset modem router indihome and how to reset modem router indihome hopefully useful for you and do not forget to share this article if useful .. Permios 😀


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