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How to repair a partial Touchscreen

Almost all cellphones that we use today
using a touchscreen. This Touchscreen screen needs careful handling
so as not to damage easily. Apart from the damage
unintentional, there are many other reasons that can make a touchscreen display error
on part of the screen and not responsive. If you are a cellphone user
Android, Touchscreen on cellphones can stop
respond or error in some areas or on the entire touchscreen screen
stop functioning. The problem of the touchscreen display
Android is quite commonly experienced by users and in this article we will provide
the solution for How to Fix Touchscreen errors on some screens, with
follow the following effective tips:

First Solution: Restart Cellphone

This is
the simplest method is to restart your mobile device first
first. Turn off your phone and wait for about 30 seconds after that
You turn it back on. This procedure is also called the power cycle. This will
remove all bugs or disturbances that occur on the operating system or device
soft minor. In most cases, this step will solve the Touchscreen problem that has an error on the screen.

Second Solution: Enter inside
Safe Mode

If the first way of your Touchscreen is an error. Try going inside
"Safe Mode" and try to see if your touchscreen works
normal. If so, then you can be sure there is software and an Operating System
Android on your mobile is in trouble.

To enter "Safe Mode" please do it
the following.
1. Turn off your Android Phone.
2. Next press and hold "Power" until you see the manufacturer's logo on
screen, then release the power button. [1945919] 3. "Fast" press "Volume Down" and hold for a few seconds until you
see the message "Safe mode: ON" or something similar.
4. If you want to deactivate it, just repeat the steps above, and
You must see "Safe Mode: OFF."

Third: Check Memory Usage

It is undeniable that the Touchscreen response depends on the memory on the device
cellphone. If the memory or RAM of an Android device is almost full, it will definitely give
You have a lot of problems, one of them is an error on the Touchscreen
. Memory is used when running heavy applications so you have to
delete or "force stop" to free some

How to:

Open settings> memory on the cellphone.

Click on "Memory used by
application ". This will display all applications and information on the amount of memory
used by each application. Now select the application that doesn't
You use select again
stop "then Delete.

Fourth Way
: Enable GPU rendering

Most applications are designed not to
uses GPU rendering which means that this application doesn't use
graphics processor or hardware to increase visibility on the screen.
It also enhances the UI transition which in turn makes more touches

To enable GPU rendering, open

Settings> Developer options> Forced
GPU rendering.

Or you can download some applications in the playstore.

Fifth Way
: Test Touch Screen Android Calibration and Touchpoints

There are several touch points on the touchscreen display.
If the Touchscreen has an error on some screens,
then you must test the screen to find out the damaged area. Easy way
to test the touch point is to install a point tester application
touch it. This application checks the screen area by registering a finger touch
You are on the screen.

Some of the touchscreen testing applications are

Download Here

For the touchscreen calibration method, you can read the previous article in the link below:


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