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How to remove Watermark from Photo / Image

The most widely circulated content in the internet world is one of them "photo / image" . The best way to protect the use of copyright images on the internet is to provide a watermark on the photo. But, there are times, the user wants to remove the Watermark from a photo or image. One of the traditional methods that are still popular today to remove watermarks is by using professional software tools such as photoshop and similar software, which takes hours and high-level skills to remove watermarks on a photo. In this article I will give a very, very simple guide about how how to remove the watermark from the photo / image . Simply follow the simple steps below:

Easy steps to remove watermark from photo / image

To remove this watermark we will use a website named WebInPaint which is a free online editor. [19659004] You will be asked to register first, please click Create Free Account to register, such as how to register in general.

  • If Done To Register, Click Upload Image (19659005] editor, select the tool marker . You can select different sizes of right tools
  • Continue to mark the watermark you want to delete . When finished mark click Run (Green Button)

Waiting for deletion to completion, the watermark mark will disappear

  • Click the download button to download the edited image.
  • How easy is it is not it?

    *** Note: This tutorial is made for educational purposes only. We prohibit you not to use this tool for commercial / copyrighted Photos and share it publicly without permission of the owner.


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