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How to register BRI internet banking on an Android phone

Every bank has a different way of implementing electronic systems for its customers. Among them is how to register internet banking, in this article we will provide information on how to register for BRI Internet Banking on Android phones.

BRI Internet banking or BRI Mobile is an application
from Bank BRI which integrates several application features such as e-banking
BRI that can be accessed via a smartphone (Android & iOS / iPhone). Application
contained in this BRI Mobile include BRI Mobile Banking, BRI Internet Banking, and other features. Application
this has been equipped with a security system used because it is equipped with
PIN on BRI Mobile Banking and mToken on Internet Banking BRI as authentication.

For you, BRI Bank customers are confused about how to
registering for Internet Banking on the following Android phones is
the steps:

How to register BRI internet banking on an Android cellphone for new customers is:

1. Enter the BRI Internet Banking service through the website
2. Select the menu Customer Service> then select> BRI Mobile List.
3. The BRI Intrenet Banking System will send the BRI Mobile download link
through the cellphone number that you have registered.
4. Perform the installation process from the link that you downloaded earlier.
5. Continue by logging in again to Internet Banking for
6. Activation process is successful, you can use BRI Internet banking.

Reference: Bank BRI


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