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How to Record a Screen on a Vivo HP Without an Application, Easy!

Speaking of how to record video, you must have immediately imagined to install the Screen Recording application. Indeed, from the beginning of its development, Android smartphones have been equipped with the ability to record. However, before doing so, the smartphone must have been rooting [199003] rooting first.

This method was considered complicated because not all smartphone users wanted a smartphone on rooting for some reason. Since that time, Google finally released an Android version of Lollipop which has developed recording capabilities without having to rooting . So, you can make a video tutorial or information in video format more easily and quickly.

Android-based smartphone companies have started competing to add devices to record in it, so users don't have to install Additional application for recording on the smartphone screen. One of them is a Vivo smartphone. For Vivo smartphones that have used the Android version above, Marshmallows has been equipped with recording devices that are compatible with its operating system.

How to Record Vivo Screen Without Application

Well, for those of you who use a Vivo smartphone, but do not know how to record the screen listen to the following explanation.

1. First, please open your Vivo smartphone screen first. Then wipe the screen from the bottom up or look like in the following picture.  how to record the hp vivo screen

2. Then, you notice there is a S-Capture icon . Tap the icon.

 How to record the hp vivo screen

3. After selecting the menu, there will be several types of Screenshot, namely Screen Recording, Long Screenshot, Funny Screenshot and Rectangular. Since it is currently focused on recording screens, choose Screen recording .

 record screen without application

4. Then the screen recording process is in progress. You can record all activities on the smartphone screen. If it's enough, you can stop it with the following Tap icon 19459012 Stop

 how to record an hp vivo screen without an application

5. And in the end, the recordings are stored in your smartphone's File Manager with the .mp4 format.


It's easy not to record screens on Vivo? If you want to add sound to the video to be recorded, you can make the sound settings for the recording. That's easy steps to record your smartphone screen. Hopefully the above article can be useful and you can try it.


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