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How to Protect Password Provide In Microsoft Visual Basic Application (VBA) Excel

How to Protect Visual Basic Application Excel – VBA or Visual Basic for Application is a programming language created specifically by Microsoft to be used to enhance the ability of applications created by Office. VBA is actually not only found in Office Excel only. VBA can be found also in Office Word, Office Access, and Office Power Point. The simplest language of VBA in Office is a program that contains a series of commands to manage some aspects of Office itself. This is to make the work in Office more effective and efficient.

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Sometimes for security, we need to lock the Visual Basic Office page so that can not be opened by others. Whatever work we make through the Visual Basic Office page then you should protect.


Of course if the Visual Basic Office page we give a password then other people will not be able to open even looking at the set of code we have set in such a way. Very unfortunate if the application or the work that we bother to make but by others are just as easily modified code. Therefore, you can just lock the Visual Basic page with a password that is hard to guess.

Here's How to Provide Visual Basic For Application Protection (VBA)

In this example I will give an example to Office Excel. Because Office Excel is mostly used by people to create applications such as raport apps, parent book apps, office applications, and so on.

Actually it's not hard to give Visual Basic Office Excel protection. We do not need to use special code, because this protection feature is already provided by default by Microsoft. While we have to activate it

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When we have made certain applications in Office Excel usually for data in Excel can not be edited by others then we are protection. But still the protection can still be broken into by others open protection although others do not know the password. But usually others when you want to break into Office Excel protection will go to the Visual Basic page to immerse coding on VBA Module. Well if our VBA page protection then others who want to break into Office Excel data so can not do it

Please to provide protection on VBA Office Excel You open the VBA page with a quick way just press Alt + F11 on the keyboard. After the VBA window is active, you right-click on the Workbook you want to protect and then click select VBAProject Properties .

 way-proteksi-visual-basic-application-excel-2 [19659009] In the VBAProject Properties window you can click the Protection tab. Check [checkliston Lock project for viewing and create a password that is unpredictable to others in column Password to view project properties

 how-protection-visual-basic -application-excel-3

Save Project Excel and Close and then open the VBA Office Excel page again. When you will make any changes it will be prompted to enter Password . That way you are the only one who can control the VBA.


How easy is not it? Perhaps that's just a brief article on How to Protect Visual Basic Application Excel . Although this article is short, but hopefully there are benefits for the needy. Successful greeting always!

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