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How To Prevent Menopause Women At Young Ages

How To Prevent Menopause Women At Early Age Young. Menopause is a situation where a woman does not get her period again for 1 consecutive year. The average age of menopause of Indonesian women today shifts to an older age of 55 to 57 years. But there are women who do not get menstruated again at a young age for example 28 years. Stop menstruation before reaching the age of 40 years is called early menopause.

Every normal woman will experience menopause. Some women are ready to face it because they realize it is a natural process that will surely happen. Yet Often anxious women face it. They fear that the changes that occur as a result of menopause will facilitate beauty. This is understandable because physical beauty is something great for women. Therefore, as long as women consider physical beauty to be the main thing of course the body changes in the menopause is not expected. The average age of menopause of a 48-year-old Indonesian woman has now shifted to an older age of 55 to 57.

This is due to an increase in women's health status today. Before menopause is usually preceded by pre menopause marked menstruation began irregularly. For example this month may menstruate but the next month is not and new menstruation appears three months later. Even then her menstrual period is very short may be only 3 days and the amount of menstrual blood is very little. Menopause that occurs under the age of 40 years is called early menopause. In Indonesia until now there has been no official data on the incidence rate of early menopause. Obviously many women experience this problem. The main symptom of early menopause is the cessation of menstruation before the age of 40 years. Other terms that sometimes accompany such a feeling of heat in the face of cold sweats and joint pain.

Decrease of the hormone estrogen

Normal menopause occurs due to decreased production of the hormone estrogen due to the aging process. Early menopause also occurs due to decreased estrogen hormones but is due to various factors such as hormonal disorders. There is also a certain disease so that the ovaries must be removed. Once the ovaries are removed then the estrogen hormone deficiency because the estrogen is produced is the ovaries. But there is also the cause of early menopause due to lifestyle. The lifestyle that always wants instant and consume slimming drugs the wrong way triggers the occurrence of early menopause. The other wrong lifestyle is to change the culture of eating that has been right to be wrong.

For example tempe and tofu have become part of Indonesian culture but now many people do not want to eat tempe and know because of Prestige. They prefer to eat fast food that does not contain balanced nutrition. Though tempe and know one of the foods contain phytoestrogens plants are quite high. Other examples are many people are now too busy looking for money so do not have time to exercise. Though sports in addition to making the body fresh also launched blood circulation helps the production of hormones and strengthen bones.

The Process Occurrence of Menopause

The process of premature menopause as follows. Women after the age of 40 years The ovary will experience a decrease in function. But sometimes there are women although still young function of ovaries have decreased. Decreased ovarian function makes the production of estrogen hormone also decreased. This condition causes irregular periods and long stops at all at a young age (early menopause).

This can happen because the hormone estrogen is the main material for the formation of menstruation. Therefore if the hormone estrogen is not formed then the menstruation also will not. More clearly the process of the occurrence of menstruation itself as follows. Every day the ovaries release the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Both of these hormones then move towards the uterus and buried there form a thin membrane. If there is a hormonal imbalance in the body then this thin membrane will break and release the blood that became known as menstruation.

Effects caused by Menopause

Inflicted after a year of menstruation stops can arise some complaints such as difficulty sleeping heart palpitations flavor hot in the forgetful forgetable face tiring of unsteady emotions hard to resist urination libido sex down feeling a great body heat that sometimes ends with a lot of sweat. Other complaints of joint pain often awaken from sleep at night the skin becomes wrinkles easy irritation of the breast sagging uterus shrink vagina thinning due to loss of fat tissue and vagina dry due to decreased mucous membrane production

In the long term the lack of estrogen hormones can cause bone fragile easy heart coronary alpha and stroke depression. The cessation of menstruation in menopausal women causes early fertility. In such circumstances a woman can not possibly get pregnant again.

How To Overcome Menopause At Younger Age (Early)

Women who experience early menopause need not worry because it can be overcome with estrogen hormone therapy . With estrogen hormone therapy is expected to restore the hormone estrogen that has been reduced. And physiological complaints of the body are closely related to the decrease of estrogen hormones such as skin wrinkles sagging breasts and decreased sex libido can be overcome. So with the female hormone estrogen therapy that has menopouse Early can still enjoy life as young age.

This situation is not he himself who enjoys it but also family especially husband. Because he still can look beautiful of course husband also feel happy. No exception about sex. When this therapy is selected can be done when menstruation began to irregular. Estrogen hormone therapy does not cause breast cancer. It's just that the gift should be coupled with the provision of progesterone hormone. The combination of these two hormones is safe to use. Women who do this therapy are advised to routinely consult with a doctor so that everything is well controlled.


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