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How to Overcome Screen Width and Shrinking Icons in Windows 10

If your computer screen is wide and the icon shrinks or stretched
in Windows 10, don't worry. The problem can be
caused by an incorrect resolution configuration or the Graphics driver on
your computer or laptop. Just use the solution below
This is to correct the problem of Screen Widening and Icon Shrinking in Windows 10

First Solution: Check Display Settings

Screen problems with widening or lengthening can be caused by incorrect display settings. Follow the steps below to check the display settings.

1) Right-click on the desktop and click Display settings

2) Click Advanced
display settings

3) Make sure
The resolution is set at the recommended level .

4) Restart your PC / Laptop

If the problem persists, you can
try updating the graphics card driver. Or follow the second solution below

Second Solution: Graphic Driver Update

If the steps above do not resolve the problem, try updating your graphics driver.

You have an internet connection that is connected to your laptop
go to device manager> Right-click
on your graphics card> Click Update

Or you can download the manual on the official website of the card
your graphics.

If you are an ATI Radeon or Nvidia Graphic user, you can
downgrade driver

How to downgrade Graphic Driver:

1. In Device Manager right-click on Display Adapter Driver and select Update Driver
2. Select ‘Browse my computer’
3. Select ‘Let me pick from a list …’
4. Select the older driver version (in my case I downloaded the old graphics driver first

5. and click Next


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