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How to Overcome Computers Can't Connect Wifi Easily

The development of computer networks in recent years continues to progress. The impact of advancing computer networks is that everyone can communicate with each other with faster and easier access. In addition, access to information is also obtained more quickly in just a few seconds.

Moreover, there is currently a trend for devices to access the internet and its functions, which currently use more wireless systems than cables. We can see many places that provide hotspots or places that provide wireless internet network services. The popular term is Wifi. This is inseparable from the development of computer networks today.

Although Wifi usage is considered more practical than using a LAN cable, there are still obstacles that must be faced when using wifi as its main network. One of the obstacles is Wifi that cannot be connected with the device. Of course this is very disturbing for us especially if Wifi is the only network in connecting to the internet.

You also need to know how to make the computer not slow so that when you get a good Wifi signal it will be quickly connected. However, don't worry! You can overcome this if you follow the following tips.

The tool to connect a computer with a Wifi connection is to use a wireless adapter. In general, a wireless adapter on a computer has two types of wireless adapters, namely an external adapter and an internal adapter. The way to check is to make sure whether the wireless adapter is damaged or not.

If there is no significant damage to the wireless adapter, check the wireless network icon that looks like a telephone network bar located in the lower right corner next to the speaker. Try to connect to the internet. If you can't, then reinstall the wireless adapter driver. If you don't have the driver CD, you can find the driver file on the internet.

If the first method is still
not successful, then we use the second method by checking the IP Address
on the internet protocol. To be able to see the internet protocol, follow it
the following steps.

  1. Click the wireless network icon that is located in the lower right corner next to the speaker.
  2. When it is found, right-click and select "Open network and sharing center".
  3. Then click "Change adapter settings"
  4. After that various icons will appear related to the connection. You right-click on the "Wireless network Connection" icon.
  5. After right-clicking, select "Properties."
  6. After opening, right-click on "internet protocol version 6".
  7. If you find an IP Address filled in, then click on the "Option an Ipv6 Address Automatically" section. That way, the IP Address will disappear. After that, click "OK."
  8. After that, check also in the "internet protocol version 4" section.
  9. If you find an IP address filled in, click on the "Option an IPv4 address automatically" section. That way, the IP Address will disappear. After that, click "OK."
  10. When everything is finished, now you are trying to connect again to Wifi.

If the two methods above still don't work, then use this third method. This method is by checking the connection settings in the browser. Sometimes, the browser is also one of the causes of internet connection either via Wifi and the LAN cable becomes disconnected. To find out, here are the steps you can try.

Mozilla Firefox Browser

  • In the Mozilla browser
    Firefox, try opening the application first.
  • After that, click "Tools"
    on the menu bar.
  • Then click "Option"
  • Then you will enter
    go to the option tab and select "Advaced".
  • After that, click "Settings"
  • There you will
    see the proxy tab section. If you see the proxy section there is an address like
    like the IP Address, then you just click "No proxy". That way, proxy
    will disappear.
  • If it's all,
    click "OK."

If it's OK, try it
first close the Mozilla Firefox application then reopen the application.

Google Chrome Browser

  • Run first
    first Google Chrome application.
  • After that, on
    menu bar, select "Settings"
  • If you have, click "Show
    advanced settings. "
  • Later" Proxy "will appear
    settings ". Check the "Use proxy server for …" section. That way, proxy
    will disappear.
  • If everything is done
    done, click "OK"

If it's OK, try to
first close the Google Chrome application then reopen the application.

If the methods above
already done and still can't, the next step is to check
the Wifi card section on the computer. The method is as follows:

  • First click
    right on the My Computer icon.
  • After that, click
    in the "Manage" section.
  • Will appear later
    Device Manager tab.
  • Select the Network section
  • After that, click
    right on the computer's Wifi hardware section (usually written with
    the serial number of the Wifi device used)
  • If you have, click
  • You don't need to
    worried about Wifi being useless. Because when Wfi is turned on, by
    the driver will automatically reinstall.
  • If it appears,
    select "Scan for hardware change". This is done to reinstall
    driver back.
  • If you have, close the tab
    Device Manager and try to connect to Wifi.

That's how to deal with computers that can't easily connect to wifi. You can also look for other references by reading articles about 1945. The laptop cannot connect Wifi and the wifi application for laptops . Hopefully this article will benefit you all.


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