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How to open / access Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook etc. that are blocked by the government

A few days ago, exactly yesterday a lot of netizens complained and were anxious about not being able to access some social media, such as Facebook, even the chatting applications they used most often: Whatsapp

This phenomenon has become one of the trending topics ( #instagramdown and #whatsappdown ) on Twitter, this is what makes the government immediately speak up that they did it intentionally.

Through Menkopolhukam, the government decided to restrict access of its citizens on social media including Whatsapp to minimize undesirable things such as the spread of hoaxes and provocations.

But calm down this time Nesabamedia will share tutorials for how to access / use Whatsapp (to be able to send chat, upload and download files / images as usual) and other social media blocked ir by the government:

1. First open the Playstore application on your mobile. Then type in the search field. Select Faster & Internet Safer .

 Access WA blocked 1

2. After that click Install and wait a few minutes until the application is installed on your cellphone.

 Access WA blocked 2

3. Please open the application which looks more or less like the picture below. Click the ON button to activate the VPN on your cellphone.

 Access WA blocked 3

4. If you get a notification like this, just choose OK .

 Access WA blocked 4

5. Taddah, the status has become " Connected" and now you can reuse Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook as usual.

 WA access blocked 5

Government decision to block some social the media, including Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook have a good purpose, to reduce the spread of hoaxes and provocations carried out by irresponsible parties that make the situation worse.

The impact is that people who depend on on these applications (whether it's to contact relatives, sell etc.) also be affected. Oh yes, use the above VPN application as wisely as possible and don't use it for negative things. Thank you.


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