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How to Minimize Video Size WITHOUT Reducing Quality!

Video is a one-way communication tool that is now increasingly becoming a trend and provides so many benefits, especially positive videos. It has been proven, with the video, the message or message from the material conveyed can be more easily understood and understood. However, the more technology develops the greater the size of the resulting video. Why is that? This may occur due to the higher camera resolution, good music quality, video duration, etc.

Still relatively small video sizes may still be light on your device or storage area. Then what about videos that have a large size while the storage space is limited? Well, you can reduce the size of your video so that it saves storage space and does not burden the device too. Especially for those of you who want to upload videos to the internet, of course it is very burdensome in terms of quotas.

In this article I will discuss how to reduce the size of videos. However, to be able to reduce the size of this video, we need an application to help video compression as optimal as possible.

How to Reduce Video Size with HandBrake

In this tutorial, I use the Handbrake version 1.1.1 (2018061800) Windows 64bit application. Besides being free, this application supports various types of video formats that we want to compress. Then, this application can also be used on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Regarding video quality, you do not need to worry because this Handbrake application will not reduce the quality of the original video compressed. Just follow the steps below.

1. Download the Handbrake application and install it on your computer.

2. Next open the Handbrake application> then select Open Source .

 How to Reduce Video Size

3. Then select File .

 3 - choose File

4. After that, search and select the video that you want to reduce the size> then click Open . In the picture below you can see the original size of the video that I chose is 122,707 KB or about 119 MB, we will compare it after the video is reduced by Handbrake.

 How to Reduce Video Size

5. Next select the Summary tab then the 1945 section in the Format select MP4 and Web Optimized. [19199008]

 how to reduce the video size without reducing quality

6. Then select the Video tab> in the Video Codec section, select H.264 or can be seen in the image below.

 6 - select the video codec tab

7 . On the same tab that is Video, in 19459007 the Quality section changes to 20 RF (optional) .

 7 - select the videocara tab to reduce the size of the mp4 video

8. Then do not forget to select destination or destination for storage and create a new name by select Browse in the Save As section.

 8 - select browse

9. Select the destination to save> then fill in the file name (you should not use the same name so that the original video is not replaced)> then select the format type video that is between MP4 or MKV> click Save .

 9 - select the destination, fill in the name, select the file format, save

10. Then select Start Encode to start the video zooming process.

 10 - select start encode

11. Wait until the process is complete . The length of the process depends on the size of the original video to be reduced.

 11 - wait until finished

12. After finished please search for the video. My video which was originally 122,707 KB in size or around 119 MB was reduced to 42,342 KB or 41.3 MB.

 12 - finished

Easy not how to reduce the size of the video without reducing the original quality using the Handbrake application? This application is very easy to use because it has an interface that is very user friendly. However, unfortunately the output of the video is only provided in two formats, namely MP4 and MKV . If you really need other formats, maybe you can convert video formats after reducing the size of the video using this Handbrake application. In addition to the video configuration above, you can also manage videos in other parts such as dimensions, filters, audio and so on. You can adjust your needs in these settings.

There are articles about how to reduce the size of the video without reducing the quality of the original video using the Handbrake application. Hopefully this article useful for you. Keep visiting Nesabamedia to get the latest and interesting information.


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