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How to Make Recent Post By Label On Page / Blogger Page

The Easy Way to Create And Install Widgets Recent post based on labels on static pages / Page Page Blogspot is very easy. actually the function of this widget is the same as in general is to just display a new article but this time different, we will try to put it in a blogger page, not on sidebar or section usually. Kira Kira looks like the picture below:

You can see the demo I put on this blog:

Well widget above placed on the page static / page page blogger, widget above is very responsive so do not be afraid for those of you who want to install it but afraid of being a load loading your blog, this time I guarantee this widget is quite light and responsive, nah for bloggers who are interested to install it on the blog, please refer to the following complete tutorial:

How to Install Recent Post / Latest Articles Based on Label In Static Page / Page Blogger

Well before we install the widget in the blog, please first install the Font icon code awesome below, check the code below if suda is available in your template, if this code does not need to be installed again,

if not please copy the code below and put it above the code on EDIT HTML blogger

The above code can also be replaced with your flagship code code. Okay to finish the installation of the code above let us continue with the steps below,

Please open your blogger >> Page >> New Page

After open the new tab page please fill the title then move Compose mode into HTML mode, then paste the code below


  • Please Edit Your Writings What I print bold red above with data data you want.
  • What you have to remember, this setting can only be done once, for that before this widget is published, pay attention really about your setting.


  • var total post = 19659026] var alamatsitus = "site address to be displayed";
  • var snippet = the number of snippets of the word / summary post that is displayed on the page
  • var cappost = want to take from the post to how many; you want
  • replace / feeds / posts / default / – / Android with labels you want to install
  • use / feeds / posts / default / if you only want to display the index feed page

Okay buddy so explanation tutorialblog this time about How to Make Recent Post / Latest Articles By Label / With Label In Static Page / Page Page in Blogger. hopefully this information can help you: D

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