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How to Make Keystore and Release APK to Publish to Play Store

Play Store is a marketplace where Android app downloads are provided by Google. The Android developers, many of which upload their works to the Play Store, although many choices of Android app stores like Amazon, Mobogenie, etc. To publish apps to Play Stroe there are some things to be prepared before apps can actually be published. We need Key / fingerprint to our application, key this is called release key . Release key is required for apps to be published in the Play Store. How to? see

The first step is to open the project you want to publish.

Select menu Build -> Generate Signed APK . After that will appear dialog box "Generate Signed APK" . Here we will create a new Keystore file (If there is no need to create new). Keystore can be the identity of our application. Keystore is commonly used on the authentication process file and data communications. Keystore can be likened to our signature for every application we have ever made. But the thing to keep in mind is: We must use the same keystore when going to update the app (replace the old version apk with the new version apk).

 Generate Signed APK

Click the Create new button. Then click the (…) next to the Key store path box to specify the location of the keystore.

 Key store path

Fill in the field in accordance with the required information. Then click Next

 Generate Signed APK

Next specify the location where file APK will be saved. Build Type Release . Click Finish

 Generated APK

Wait a few moments, until the dialog box appears as successful as below.

 Release APK Success 19659005] Yaapppp … Quite simple openings? Happy trying


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