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How to Make C Drive (System Partition) Bigger in Windows 10 – iSumsoft

”Does anyone know how to make C drive (system partition) bigger in Windows 10? Some time ago, I installed the operating system and some new game software, applications on my PC. Since everything is in the C drive on HDD by default, which takes up a lot of C disk space and always gets a low disk space warning. Is there a way to help me make my C drive larger?

When the C drive on HDD is out of space, this will be prompted that the bar has turned red. In general, most people will choose to delete the data in the C drive, including the system, and use disk management to extend the C drive for making the C drive bigger. However, this will damage the operating system, cause serious loss of data, and even lead to the PC cannot be started due to the improper operation. If you don’t want to delete data or consider these factors mentioned above, you can add a new larger SSD on your PC and transfer all data, including operating system from the C drive on your HDD to the SSD to make your C drive bigger.

In order to ensure that all of your data, including your system, is migrated to SSD without missing a thing, you may need a third-party tool, and here, iSumsoft Cloner may be your best choice. It should be possible to do that. The Copy function of the iSumsoft Cloner allows you to copy C drive (system partition) into SSD to make your C drive larger. After successfully copying to SSD, your C drive will get more disk space. Here, we’ll show you how to make your C drive bigger in Windows 10 without losing data.

Why can iSumsoft Cloner make C drive bigger

Because you can copy C drive (system partition) to SSD by using the Copy function of iSumsoft Cloner, it will create exactly the same data to the target disk to make your C drive bigger, while your data is not at risk and you don’t need to reinstall the system. You can boot your PC from the SSD after the Copy process is complete. What’s more, everyone can now download the free 7-day trial of iSumsoft Cloner to enjoy the Copy feature! Give it a try.

How to Make your C Drive (System Partition) bigger in Windows 10

You first need to download the iSumsoft Cloner on your PC. It is easy and safe to copy all data including system from HDD to SSD with its ”Copy” feature without losing data, which can help you make your C drive bigger in Windows 10. Let’s start to copy your C drive on HDD to SSD for making your C drive bigger now:

Step 1: Install your SSD on your PC and go to Disk Management to choose MBR or GPT format to initialize it. It is best to split it into two or more partitions. If your SSD was previously installed on your PC, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Run iSumsoft Cloner. You will see the software page showing the all details of your HDD and SSD.

show partitions details

Step 3: Click the Copy option in the upper left corner. Select Windows system partition (C drive) as the source target, and then select a partition from SSD as the destination target.

select Windows system partition

Note: Make sure the target disk space is large enough, otherwise the Copy process will fail.

Step 4: Click the Start button. If the target partition is in GPT format, and then your GPT disk does not have a FAT partition, a window will pop up telling you that you need to allocate a new FAT partition from the current partition. Click OK to continue.

create a new FAT partition

Step 5: Then click the Start button to perform the Copy process. A warning box will pop up indicating that your target partition will be formatted. If the target partition does not have important data or you have backed up the data of the target partition in advance, you can click the OK button to start the Copy process.

perform the Copy operation

Step 6: When the C disk is copied successfully, the software will pop up a ”Mission completed!” prompt.

C disk is copied successfully

Step 7: Finally, you can directly access the data you have copied to the SSD, but if you want the copied disk as a system boot, you can restart your PC and keep pressing Del key to enter BIOS Settings to set your PC to boot from the SSD.

Step 8: When your PC is finished booting from SSD, you will find the E drive on your SSD has now become your operating system drive (C drive) and the C drive has more storage space than before. As the name suggests, you successfully made your C drive bigger by using the iSumsoft Cloner software.

become C disk from E disk


So, iSumsoft Cloner software absolutely supports to make your C drive bigger by copying the C drive into the SSD in Windows 10 without losing data and it’s available for you to download and try now.

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