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How to make an online questionnaire through Google Forms, it's free!

Now, the times have made everything that was originally printed turned to digital. These facilities are certainly positively welcomed by various individuals and companies. The online questionnaire system is one example of the utilization of this era of digitalization. The target and the intended target will be more easily expanded by an online questionnaire. In addition to how to make it simple, there are many tools that can help us to make online questionnaires for free.

One of the benefits of making an online questionnaire that is most noticeable is the optimal time and cost savings. How not, we do not need to distribute questionnaires to certain places that are even difficult to reach. We only need to make an online questionnaire and then spread the link to our colleagues. So, to get a response through an online questionnaire, it will be easier. Then how do I make an online questionnaire?

Now, this article will discuss about how to make an online questionnaire easily and for free. Let's just look at the explanation below.

How to Make an Online Questionnaire

On this occasion I will tell you how to create an online questionnaire through Google Forms. Again and again Google's name appears in the making of an online questionnaire. Who is not familiar with a company that is famous for its giant search system worldwide. Google Forms can be your choice because the questions asked are not limited but because they only have a free version, the features that can be used are also limited.

In addition, respondents who want to fill out the questionnaire do not have a Google account. In other words, Google Forms is general. Now, to be able to make questionnaires through Google Forms, we can do it on computers, laptops or smartphones. The following steps are:

1. Open your browser> then click the following link: http://forms.google.com/

2. Next enter your Google email address> click Next .

 How to Make an Online Questionnaire

3. Then enter the password> then click Next .

 3 - fill in the password

4. After that you will enter the main page. You can start right away by selecting the template: option 1 select TEMPLATE GALLERY then select the template provided, and option 2 select Blank to create a questionnaire with an empty template.

 Make an Online Questionnaire

5. Fill in the title in number 1> then fill in the description in number 2. You can also enter the image by selecting the image icon given circle number 3. [19659002]  5 - content of the title

6. Select Choose an image to upload, drag and drop, take a snapshot or from a URL.

 How to Make an Online Questionnaire

7. Next please then select > then click Open and wait for the upload to finish.

 7 - choose an image

8. After that, you can start making questions. Please select the question model by selecting the area with the red arrow as shown below.

 how to make an online questionnaire on the cellphone

9. There are many options available to model your questions. Please choose according to the needs of your question.

 9 - choose the model

10. Then enter your question > then fill Option 1 to make an answer choice> If you want to add more options please choose 1945 option or ADD "OTHER" for another answer what will be given by the respondent later> then need to be considered to turn ON or ON on Required where the question must be answered

 how to make an online questionnaire at the google forms

11. Then to add a new question, please select 1945 plus icon> then do it like the previous method, which is to choose the question model and fill in the question and answer choices.

 11 - add the question

12 . You can also edit the color of the theme, background, type of writing and others by selecting the art icon which is marked with an arrow.

 12 - select edit theme

13. Please select the header (if any)> select the theme color> choose background> select the type of writing> then choose APPLY.

 13 - edit then apply

14. When finished, you can see the results of your questionnaire by selecting the preview icon.

 preview of the questionnaire

15. If you've finished making a questionnaire, please select the send button .

 14 - select send

16. Then you can choose to share via email in the form of a link (option 1) copy of the link (option2) or other (option 3) then select SEND or COPY .

 15 - send a link

So, how to make an online questionnaire through Google Forms. You can try the service method above to suit your needs. The survey results obtained from Google Forms are only in the form of graphs and automatic text displays collected in spreadsheets, but the questions and number of respondents are not limited. Hopefully this article is useful for you. Keep visiting Nesabamedia to get interesting and up-to-date information. Good luck!


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