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How to Make an Automatic Order Delivery Schedule on WhatsApp

Maybe for some
we had time to think about how to schedule messages
automatically on whatsapp, both for business, business, sales and things

In this article I will
give tips for you. how to schedule a message delivery
automatically on whatsapp. For those of you who use Whatsapp as a media
promotion, then this trick will be very useful for you, because you can
send messages without having to send them one by one manually.
You can use it for personal needs to send it
a birthday greeting message to your colleague right on your birthday

The following is how to make
automatic message delivery schedule on whatsapp on Android phones:

Step 1 : First of all, Download and install the SKEDIT Scheduling Application on your mobile or Android here. [19659002] Step 2 : After installation, open the application and register using Email or Login with Facebook.

Step 3 : Then you select what service features you want to make the delivery schedule message automatically. Because our topic is Whatsapp, here I choose WhatsApp. You can also choose other features such as sending messages automatically via SMS, facebook, e-mail and even telephone.

Step 4 : On the Home screen, tap WhatsApp and then Activate Enable Accessibility.

Step to 5 : Now you have to choose the person you want to send the scheduled message to. It's enough, tap the plus (+) icon at the top and add the recipient's contact name on WhatsApp.

Step 6 : Write the message you want to send later automatically and schedule it to be sent later through the application itself . You can also attach media files (Photo and others). If you want to repeat the message, you can set it using the Repeat option.

Step 7 : After you have selected everything you need, enough, tap the OK icon (✓) at the top and your WhatsApp message is sent automatically according to the schedule you have set.

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