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How to make an animated wallpaper as a Background in Windows

An animated wallpaper already
become a common thing on a cellphone,
and looks good. Even though they consume
more battery. But, you know
how to make animated wallpapers on your laptop and desktop computer
? Windows by default does not
equipped with animated wallpaper functions, and you can only use
static image as your wallpaper. In this post we are
will discuss how to make animated wallpapers on the computer with
using a DesktopHut application that you can use on your Windows 10/8/7.


  • What you have to do first is download the DosktopHut application here
  • If you have continue with installing the Desktop Hut application
  • After the installation process is complete run the DesktopHut application
  • You can choose a selection of available animated wallpapers
  • Option options Windows start-up [19659012] The function of this menu is for options that will automatically start the program with Windows start-up.

There are many free wallpapers available in HD and 4K formats. You can easily find wallpapers for categories, games, automotive or something more abstract. This wallpaper is small (around 25MB). If you can't find the perfect animated wallpaper, you can also create your own animation and set it as wallpaper in the DesktopHut application.

More details you can see the Video below:


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