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How to make a paper cover in Microsoft Word to be interesting

Cover or can be said to cover a document such as paper, module, report, and various other documents. If you are a student or student, you may already be familiar with clipping the paper that was asked to be made by the lecturer or teacher about the material being studied to be explored further. In addition to content assessment, the front page or cover is also a consideration. Why? Because cover is the first thing seen by readers before entering the contents of course you must design the cover as attractive as possible.

Well, this article will explain how to make cover papers in Microsoft Word. Some of us may have designed covers manually because they are considered simpler and look elegant especially for student sizes. But, just calm down. For those of you who feel new uses Microsoft Word because Microsoft Word itself provides a feature for making covers. How to? Come on, see the following explanation.

How to Make Papers Cover in Microsoft Word

Here's how to make paper cover in Microsoft Word easy and simple.

1. Open Microsoft Word on your laptop. Then, select the tab Insert

 How to Make a Paper Cover

2. After being in the insert tab, select menu cover page in the left corner. Click the down arrow so that it displays some of the cover displays that have been provided by Microsoft Word.

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3. Well, the template will appear. Next, you can change the contents of the cover by changing the image, title, subtitles according to your needs. You can also include images such as the university or school logo that you are currently living in.

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4. Done! Your paper cover is ready to print.


Simple, right? That's how to make cover papers in Microsoft Word. Using these features will make it easier for users to make covers. Whatever it is you can choose the manual method or using the template . Hopefully this article is useful and good luck trying the tutorial above. Thank you!


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