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How to Make a Matrix + Order in Word (Complete + Picture)

Starting with Mathematics, when trying to make questions, making assignments related to Mathematics with formulas, symbols, matrices and so on that must be done in Word on a computer or laptop makes someone feel frustrated or confused about how to make them.

Matrix in mathematics lessons is an arrangement of numbers, expressions or symbols, arranged in columns and rows and forming a square. Matrix dimensions do not differ depending on the number of columns and rows (order).

Now, for more details in this article, we will discuss how to easily create a matrix in Word. Let's look at it to get a better understanding!

How to Make a Matrix in Word

How to make a matrix in word is very easy either word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 the same way. Some people consider making symbols or formulas quite difficult (including matrices) in word. Before discussing how to make matrices in word first, we will briefly explain matrices.

Matrices are used in finding solutions to linear equations. It is also used in linear transformations (linear functions such as rotation in 3 dimensions). The matrix can be manipulated for example added, multiplied, decomposed or subtracted. So that the calculation is more structured.

How to make a large matrix order not everyone knows. But actually the way is quite easy! Following are the steps in making a matrix in Word:

1. Open Microsoft Word on your computer or laptop.

2. Then click on the menu Insert select Equation (or click the triangle mark on the right).

 Matrix Word 1

3. If the triangle is clicked then the display will appear below, then select Insert New Equation . If you click Equation, a sub menu will appear immediately as shown in step 4.

 how to create a matrix in word

4. Then click Matrix on the right as shown in the red box.

 Matrix Word 3

5. Various types of matrix dimensions will appear, choose one. For example, you want to make a 2 × 2 order with brackets (read in columns two by two / 2 rows and 2 columns).

 Matrix Word 4 6. In the options for a finite matrix, what if we want to add more columns or rows? Well, the way is right click on the matrix column select Insert then select the columns and rows as desired.

 Tutorial how to create a matrix in word

7 Another way to add orders can be by blocking / clicking one of the matrix components, then selecting the order as desired. For example, you want to make the order 2 × 2 (two-thirds / 2 rows of 2 columns) into 2 × 4 (two-fourths / 2 rows of 4 columns).

 Matrix Word 6

8. And automatically the component / order matrix will increase as shown below.

 Matrix Word 7

9. Do the same thing with the other matrix components to produce a 2 × 4 order (as desired). If you want it easier it can also be done by copying and pasting the matrix component.

Note : The matrix component can also be copied and pasted.

 Matrix Word 8

10. Now just fill in the numbers as needed. If you want to use symbols or formulas it's also easy to just click as needed as indicated in the red box. Model / shape of the desired symbol / character are also available in several types. For example:

  • If you want to make a fraction click Fraction
  • If you want to make the rank click Script
  • If you want to make a root click Radical
  • If you want to make an intrgral click Integral
  • If you want to make a limit and logarithm click Limit and Log etc.

 how to make a matrix in word and add to the order

After listening to the above review, how to make a matrix the word is not that difficult right? In addition, when you want to make an order as you wish, just follow the tutorial above, so you don't need to be confused anymore Hope it is useful ?


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