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How To Maintain Beauty And Young Ageless With Acupuncture

Eyes start pockets face skin stains with lines that begin to look real can actually be overcome. One way with Beauty acupuncture therapy.
Acupuncture is the science of equilibrium. So the system used acupuncture function to normalize the stability of the body. When the function of the body organs is stable by itself the body is healthier. Likewise, acupuncture for beauty. Because the stimulus effects on a particular accupoint can regulate the production of hormones to improve the micro-circulation of blood relaxation of muscles that separatis and more.

If the body organ functions are balanced face will look fresh and shine. Acupuncture beauty is a science that has high art because it can make people appear more captivating fresh shine and clean. Acupuncture beauty is also a combination of ancient and modern acupuncture. I used to be punted just by using the needle alone now the way is combined with electroacupuncture so the way it works quickly and precisely.

How To Maintain Beauty And Young Ageless With Acupuncture

The appearance of lines on the face or wrinkles around the forehead under the eyes of the nose Side of the lips the emergence of eye bags and black spots is a woman's main problem. Yet this problem is unwittingly formed by the attitude and way of life of each. Many factors cause the appearance of wrinkles on the face of the skin, among others, because the movement of the face of air changes, but the most important role is due to stress. The skin is like a cloth if there is one thread broken then all so saggy. To rejuvenate need to be stimulated again.

While the black stain on the face not only because of the influence of air or the use of cosmetics What is the cause. But it can be caused by liver or kidney pain. One way to cope Acupuncture therapy. Advantages Acupuncture treatment does not cause side effects. One treatment takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Preparation for beginners is mental preparation. Because the tool in the form of Djarum impression painful. The special needle must be sterile anti-rust and disposable through skin tissue. Still tillers feel like being bitten by ants. To overcome the line of piercing needles needle is done on the existing area of ​​the stomach line. Because the skin has several layers if the inside loosens then the top layer will go down or drown and show wrinkles.

Acupuncture in the wrinkle area is done to stimulate blood circulation. Therefore if the epidermis layer of the inside is tight then the outer area is tight. Then with electroacupuncture electric stimulant the main point of acupuncture is electrically positive and the secondary point is electrically negative. Once it starts the stimulus. Then positive and negative electric waves are flowed with low stimuli (10 Hz). Slowly the design is raised to 60 Hz. Then lowered back. The process of raising and decreasing the flow of electricity is repeated 5 times overall takes 30 minutes. If this acupuncture therapy is performed 10 to 15 times will see the results.


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