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How to Lock WordPress Posts / Pages with a Password

Actually there are many methods to password pages that we want privacy or do not want us to display for free. In blogger itself, the steps and methods are very easy, we just need to put a few scripts. But what if the website that we have uses the wordpress platform? Well for the platform wordpress we don't need to think of scripts or codes that are suitable for making an article post or locked page using a password. Or you don't need to think about what plugins are suitable for locking the pages we have. Because plugins that are too much installed will cause a heavy burden on web pages. So this time we use the simplest method.

In the previous article the admin has made a post on how to easily create a password on a static page on the blog. Sebenanrnya can also be made to lock articles or posts. Now the previous article reviewed the password on blogger. So for friends who need to lock a post or page on a blog on the platform blogger then please read this article:

Read Article: How to Make a Password on a Static Blogger Page

Okay, friend above what is the way for bloggers then how about wordpress ? The method is very easy. even easier than locking it in a blog. Well if friends are curious then just go ahead and see the steps and steps below:

Locking Posts / WordPress Pages with Password

This tutorial was tested on the most recent wordpress version. Yait WordPress version 5.1.1. If friends still use the old version, the way is just the same, maybe the menu is a little different

1. First of all please just log in to your respective wordpress. Then open one of the articles you want to password. Click edit on post

2. If it's already open then just go to the edit panel on the right. Select tab document. Then select the menu status & visibility.


3. Okay the next step select then password protected. Fill in the password you want then if it has been fixed click the update.

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 4. Until this stage you have successfully locked the post with the password. test it please access the post url that was locked earlier.</p>
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