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How to Introduce Technology in Children from Early Childhood

 How to Introduce Technology to Children

Interesting Info – How to introduce technology to children from an early age is very important. The development of technology at this time is not easy to avoid. Especially for children who are still early age. When we have reduced its use, but the environment does not support it, this technological development will have an impact. The problem that then occurs is children's addiction to games that are presented in gadgets or spectacles that are not supposed to.

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As a wise parent, know the right time when children can start playing a device or become familiar with computer technology. In addition, always control its use when indeed children have been allowed to use devices. Because basically they also have to be able to follow the development of technology well. So that their knowledge can be according to ability.

How to Introduce Technology in Early Childhood

So that children at the age of age are just right when they know technology and not become addicted, parents should have special tricks to handle it. Following are effective tips on how to introduce technology to young children.

10 Important Tips on How to Introduce Technology to Children Through Parental Direction

1. Understand the development of children's skills

Different age, different needs and mental development of children. Therefore, as parents it is better to recognize what skills children should know at certain ages. Thus, they will develop according to their mental development.

Although there are negative effects arising from the introduction of devices early on, but they must also recognize as soon as possible. To work around this, choose specific programs that support the development of their mental growth. So the introduction of technology in early childhood can be in accordance with its age.

2. Limiting device security

The internet is a place where anything is, including cyberbullying . Even information that should not be seen by children will also be seen. Therefore, parents must understand the use of devices. So that it can restrict content that can only be consumed by young children. This is to prevent children from being contaminated with adult spectacle.

3. Install the appropriate application

Many applications are offered at play store or app store . Therefore, not letting children install themselves is the best way to limit their use. Parents must equip their devices with applications that can support the development of their skills.

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For example to support visual, motor and language parents can install color recognition or language recognition games. So, in addition to playing gadgets can provide knowledge for children. Which in the end the development of intelligence can develop properly.

4. Limit their use

Playing a device can make children addicted if parents do not understand it. Make it a habit to limit the duration of their use, so they don't play too long. This is because it can interfere with the health of the eyes and the back of the body. In addition, it can cause joint pain in the hands. Therefore, parents should immediately realize that the child is too long playing a device.

5. Trigger curiosity of the child

Children who are still early, use the device only to play and learn simple things that basically without a device they can still learn and play. Therefore, parents must know how to replace the device with a real game. You should choose a toy that can trigger children's curiosity in terms of technology. For example, buying a toy plane.

Games that trigger curiosity about automatic technology will deliver content that is only related to technology. Thus, children are not contaminated with adult spectacle and can benefit from technological development in early childhood. In addition, the device will be more useful than just playing.

6. Manage child protection content

One of the most popular applications for children is Youtube. Besides being able to watch children's films, they can also learn whatever they want. Therefore, make arrangements for shows that may not be suitable for children. So that the shows that appear are only content for children.

In addition, parents also still have to escort children when they watch YouTube. We recommend that when children are watching youtube parents also watch it. So when there is content that is not suitable for their age, parents can explain it well.

7. Invite interaction

Although playing a device can increase the intelligence of his knowledge, faster in the ability to read and count and recognize colors. However, when your child plays too many devices, as a result his social and psychomotor abilities do not develop properly. This is one of the negative effects of technology on early childhood that parents avoid the current.

Occasionally encourage children to interact with parents by asking them to meet with friends their age or play in the park together. Besides being able to divert children from devices, their psychomotor and social abilities can develop well.

8. Be a role model

The introduction of children to the digital world is actually from the habits of their parents. Parents who can not be separated from the device makes children become curious about what is always held by parents. Therefore, parents must be a good role model for children. Do good habits with the device, for example not carrying a cellphone while eating or while chatting.

In addition, as much as possible not holding the device when parents are interacting with children. Give sincere attention when interacting with children. Giving sincere attention will make them feel valued when they are playing with their parents. So the introduction of technology in early childhood need not be a concern.

9. Have the ability of the device about the device

Parents other than as a good example, you should have the basic ability of the device about the device. So, the device can be completely controlled by parents. Although parents have made arrangements for content that is considered not appropriate to the age of the child. So that the introduction of technology in early childhood can be appropriate and not have a negative impact.

10. Follow passion children

Having supervision while using a device can help parents to recognize their children's passion . So parents can develop and support their passion . Besides being able to improve the abilities of children, their length does not depend on the device to play. But there will be a shift in function to accessing knowledge.

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Direct children to pursue their passion with the support of increasingly rapid technology like this. Thus, their abilities will be better compared to children who do not know the device from an early age. Keep in mind parents are introducing technology in early childhood has two sides, positive and negative. Therefore, it is always wise when the children really know the time for technology.

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