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How to Install WordPress on Localhost with XAMPP

If you are one of the people who love to write on blogs, then WordPress is one you should try. WordPress is software open source built using PHP and MySQL programming languages ​​or databases. The first blog released in 2003 was built by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. The benefits and features of WordPress make bloggers around the world still choose to use WordPress as a medium for writing and sharing. With its ability in open source, WordPress is very popularly used as a blog engine or blog engine.

One of the reasons that makes WordPress very much favored by the bloggers is this software can be downloaded for free or for free. Appropriate function is open source, users can change the code or modify the WordPress program itself. So that users can use it in accordance with the wishes of each.

In addition can be used online, WordPress can also be used offline. So, you do not need to connect with internet connection if you want to run this one blog. However, if you want the website that you build is accessible to everyone, then you should copy the local site and then install it on a global server. So, in essence, WordPress offline that you can manage can only be accessed by yourself.

For those of you who often tamper with wordpress like creating your own template or website, this way is very effective to save your internet quota. You also do not have to pay for hosting and domain to "save" first website you have created on your computer. How to Install WordPress on Localhost

How to Install WordPress on Localhost

How to Install WordPress on Localhost

Well, you can manage your WordPress offline requires an internet connection by installing WordPress on Localhost or a local server using XAMPP. The function of this XAMPP is as a web server that can run on your local server or local computer only without an internet connection.

1. Install XAMPP first on your computer / laptop

2. If XAMPP is already installed, open XAMPP > then activate XAMPP with click start on the Apache Action column and MySQL

 how to install wordpress on xampp

3. Next is the stage of creating a database used to store WordPress data. Open the browser Type in http: // localhost / phpmyadmin / [1945909] in column url> Enter .

 Step 3 - open url

4. After the phpMyAdmin page opens, create a new database by select Database tab > then fill in database name > next column or part number past only> click the Create button to create a new database.

 Step 4 - create new database

5. Download WordPress at https://wordpress.org/download/

Step 5 - download

6. After successfully downloading, move the wordpress file to the directory C: xampp htdocs

 how to install wordpress in xampp easily

7. Then extract the wordpress file by right clicking on the wordpress file> select Extract Here. Or if using an app like me, please right click on wordpress file> select WinRAR app> then select Extract Here.

 Step 7 - extract the file

8. If it has been successfully extracted, open the wordpress folder > search for file named wp-config-sample.php then rename the file to wp-config.php

 how to run xampp

9. Next open the wp-config.php file using notepad or the like> then change the content according to the image below. Under the name of the database or on line 23, change database_name_here with the database name you created in the previous step> in the username section or on line 26 change 'username_here' to 'root'> in the database password section or on line 29, be ''> on the hostname part or on line 32, make sure the hostname name is 'localhost'> do not forget to save the changes by ctrl + s .

 Step 9 - change the content

10. Open browser again, type http: // localhost / wordpress / in the URL field then press Enter on the keyboard.

 Step 10 - open url [19659004] 11. Then select language > then click Continue or Next.

 install wordpress on xampp

12. Contents title of site You> username > password > email > then click install WordPress

[1945909] ] Step 12 – fill form ” width=”670″ height=”603″ />

13. You can login by entering username and password that you have created then click Log In . Installing WordPress on XAMPP has been successfully done

 how to use xampp to create a website

Easy is not how to install WordPress on Localhost using XAMPP ? Since WordPress is managed with a local server or just on your computer only, then the website you manage can only be accessed by yourself.

However, if you want everyone to access it then you can turn local server into a global server. A few articles this time, may be useful for you. Keep visiting Nesabamedia for exciting and up-to-date information!


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