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How To Install Unsupported Drivers In Windows 10

good afternoon google surfer now i will confide to you about how to install driver that does not support in windows 10, this problem surely you find when you use windows 10 this. or even you do not experience this problem because of your hardware support with the latest drivers2.

this kind of problem arises probably because hardware is already outdated or has not been updated by the manufacturer to update its drivers because that I experienced in motherboard G41 chipset is alias still socket 775: '(.

what makes me make tutorial like this, because i am having driver problem that is not support and unfortunately again that driver LAN CARD, why I say it's bad luck because I can not googling to find a problem solver about what I'm experiencing, and luckily I have a laptop for browsers looking for a solution to this driver problem

but some suggestions from googling results say I should use software iobit driver if not wrong to download the driver that fits automatically, but it's a problem that I experienced it in the lan part so i can not use online connection to download the driver that i need automatically

and the suffering continues but i never give up because i was born to solve this ?

because i like gk can sleep if problem about this computer can not be solved.

nah googling here and here finally i get some alternative solution that i can try to solve this annoying driver problem. there are several ways, among others,

  1. if the driver you use in the form of exe or installer try is to use compatibility mode in accordance with the operating system that matches the driver
  2. by backing up the driver is not support then you use restore the driver is in windows 10 but there is a trick.

nah both ways above that I will explain.

How to Install Driver In Windows 10 Compatibility Mode

this way if you have a default driver in love or the results you download on the official website of your laptop or motherboard vendor. example driver

 install driver in windows 10

example driver installer

nah above is an example driver installer that does not support with windows 10 but support in windows version before its example window 8 7 or even xp

for step how to make compatibility mode in driver that does not support that is easy enough that way

  1. right click on its setup.exe then click properties
  2. then select the compatibility menu tab and its appearance will like this
     how to install windows 10 driver

    display compatibility mode

  3. example above you checklist run this program in compatibility mode for after that you select windows that support with diver it (example windows 7) then check r un this program as and administrator and after that apply and ok ok
  4. finished. and you live installkan aja directly sperti usual next 1 agre ampe finish ?

way above can overcome some problem of driver that does not support at windows 10. and if way above succeed then congratulations your problem solved quickly ?

will but if the above trick can not solve the problem then you are less fortunate and our fate is the same, therefore you must be more patient and persistent ?

Install driver by way of backup and restore driver

okay go to the second way that is by backing up the driver you need then restoring it in windows 10. the way is as follows

  1. you first backup the driver first by using backup driver software such as max driver, and similar software. for the example of the case now I will use the max driver, for you that blm has its driver software you can download HERE .
  2. after you download it you install it tuh software by click 2 times its software keep click NEXT after that click DECLINE to reject the application what so in the insall kan right again
  3. nah if you've sorted out directly click backup right and click on create driver backup archive

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