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How to Install New Fonts in Windows for Beginners (Complete + Image)

Font is a graphic design consisting of letters, numbers, and symbols that we used to write and compose characters on computers . There are different models fonts that vary with different purposes. There are formal fonts as we often use to write reports and letters. free font useful when designing posters and so on.

Adding font to Windows is nothing new to do. Some people want to change the style of the document by adding new font . Especially if you are a designer who relies heavily on text style to enhance your creativity. Fonts that are available on Windows are less supportive so it is necessary to implement fonts downloaded from available internet pages. Here's how to install new fonts on Windows easily.

How to Install New Fonts in Windows

Before installing font on Windows PC, you can search font as you like and download file. The file format font can be in the form TrueType (. Ttf) or OpenType (.otf). Both of them you can apply on your Windows. To be informed, the PC I am using is using Windows 10, so the tutorials I will give are based on Windows 10 settings.

As for installing font steps in Windows is as follows.

1. Download file your font . If it is still a ZIP (.zip) file, extract the file so you can easily access the folder.

2. Next, find the file formatted font that you extracted, whether it .ttf or .otf then double-click . 19659002]  select font and double click 3. After that, your font display will appear . Click the Install button to install the font .

 How to Install New Fonts in Windows

4. To check whether your font is already installed on Windows, you can look it up in the font section of Microsoft Office, Adobe, or other software that provides fonts selection . Here, I checked it in Microsoft Word.

 check font

5. Finally, the font you have installed and can be directly used.

The above way is very easy to use to install one or two fonts in other words with font are few. However, if the font you want to install is large, it will take a lot of your time and effort to use the above. For that, here will give an easy way how to install new large fonts into your Windows

1. Extract file if font asih is formatted a ZIP file.

2. Open the folder containing your font collection. Prioritize if font- the font is in one folder, to make it easier.

3. Next, select and block which font you want to install to Windows

4. After that, right click. And select Install .

 How to Install New Fonts in Windows 7

5. You are just waiting for the installation process those fonts .

 installing fonts

6. Done, you can check the font and can directly use it.

To view the list of fonts installed on your Windows can be done in several ways. In addition to software providing the font election, the other way is:

1. Go to the Settings or Control Panel menu on Windows.

2. Type Fonts in the search bar. After that, click Fonts that appears in search results.

 How to Install New Fonts in Windows 8

3. Next, a new window will display a list of fonts installed on your Windows.

 How to Install New Fonts in Windows 10

Before installing font files You are on Windows, it is a good idea to check whether the font comes from a secure source. One way to check whether the file format is the type of file format font. That's how to install new font in Windows. You can include your feedback in the comment field below. Thank you.


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