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How To Install Instagram Widget In Blogger

How to install instagram photo widget in blogger blogspot disidebar layotu or in blog post and page static page. Hello buddy blogger this time admin code will share a little bit about the blog tutorial is install instagram widget in the sidebar blog. Actually this instagram widget can also be installed in the footer section of the blog. Depending on your taste.

The instagram widget is very useful for a blog. In addition to beautify the look of the blog. This widget can also be used to display the most important photo in our instagram account. By pairing widgets instagram in this blog is very suitable to attract many visitors to instagram account that we have.

Actually there are many ways to install instagram widget on blogspot. Both from the application of the script and using the application providers of third parties. Well that will admin share here we will use the help application owned website powr.io. actually this web has many widget features one of them is instagram widget for blogger.

How to apply it is very easy once we only need to once register then after setting the widget that we want then apply the code in blog.penasaran step by step let see guide complete the following.

How to install instagram widget on blogger

1. Please Open The Next Link https://goo.gl/hXbT7o

2. Step two please register, you can register using facebook or email you have

3. In the dashboard please select Social Feed

4. Okay on the social feed type please select instagram . Then enter your username instaram. . will automatically appear beside as shown below. LAlu you set the widget form by clicking the NEXT. If it feels the setting is fitted please Press SAVE to save your project. name the file

5. After the poject is saved then you will be directed to choose the social Feed plan . Please skip this step by pressing the No Thanks, continu e

6. For some notes, if you really really like the features presented by this powr.io website you can upgrade your account to premium, to get full customize menu feature.

7. the next step you will be faced with 2 options are:

  • Add To Blogger Layout (You Can install this widget via layout)
  • Add To Blogger Page / Post (You Can install this instagram widget on page static or in postings)

8. Please choose according to your taste. As per the title of my post, I will put it in the sidebar of the blog then I have to choose is Add To Blogger Layout

9. Scroll down then find the code, if you've met please copy the script.

10. Then go to blogger dashboard Layout / Layout select HTML / Javascript paste the code there then SAVE.

11. Up to this stage you have successfully added widgets instagram on your blogger and the end result like this

as a note only, the widgets above my setting horizontally and I put as many as 6 photos, you can install it vertically and limit the number of photos, to beautify the appearance you can setting with your taste

Thus the admin tutorial on How to Install Widget Instagram In Blogger hopefully this information that I share this can be useful for you all.


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