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How to Install APK File on HP Android Manually (100% Work)

For smartphone users, would have been familiar with the activities of installing the application. The process of installing applications on Android smartphones is usually done through the Google Play Store. The number of applications available on the Google Play Store makes most people prefer to install from this service provider.

The reason, how to download and install can be done easily from free to paid applications. Not only that, installing apps through these service providers also updates directly.

However, sometimes searched apps are not available on Google Play Store or you want to install apps offline (with apk file must already downloaded). Well, you can install the apps you want manually, ie download the extension files (.apk) from other providers aside from the Google Play Store. This apk file itself is a software file or program to perform a task on the Android operating system.

Then how to install apk files on HP Android manually and offline? This article will tell you the steps to install apk file on your Android smartphone. Here are the steps how to install APK files on android:

How to Install APK on HP Android Manually

Before performing the stages of installing apk files manually on your Android smartphone, it's good you have to set the application installation permission from unknown sources in your Android settings. This allows you to install the application from an unknown source or other than the Google Play Store.

1. Open Settings on your smartphone.

 Step 1 - open settings

2. Select Safety & privacy .

 Step 2 - select security

3. Then allow installation of unknown apps by clicking the ON or checklist on Unknown sources .

 Step 3 - Allow install from source unknown

4. Next, download the apk file you want. You can download apk files on APKPure or any other apk download website. In this article, I downloaded the apk file Quoda for Android . If you get a notification like this when downloading apk file, just select OK .

 Step 4 - click ok

Note: You can download this apk file via your own smartphone (via browser). If you download apk files using laptop, please move to your smartphone using USB cable, bluetooth, and so forth. In downloading apk files, things you should keep in mind are you have to download on a credible and popular website like APKPure and make sure also downloaded apps must be compatible with your Android device.

5. Open apk file you've downloaded before.

 how to install apk on android

6. Then click the Continue installing .

 Step 6 - continue installing

7. Then select Install.

 Step 7 - Install

8. Wait until the installation is complete. Then select Done .

 Step 8 - open or done

9. Return to your home smartphone. Then open the already installed app

 how to install apk files on android

10. Next select I AGREE .

 Step 10 - I Agree

11. You have successfully installed apk files on your Android smartphone device manually and offline.

 how to install apk on android

Keep in mind, installing apk files from unknown sources has advantages and disadvantages. As for the advantages that you can freely download and install applications that do not exist on the Play Store.

While the lack of applications that come from unknown sources this can cause some problems such as security issues, where apk file may contain virus . Well, you should do a first check on the source you will use, whether trustworthy or not. Be careful in choosing the source / website to download apk files. Hope this article useful to you!


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