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How To Install Adsense Ads Amid Without Damage

How to Install Adsense Ads Amid post Without Damage. Sometimes when installing adsense ads in the middle of our bloggers often experience damage to the article caused by several posts to be scattered and unsightly. even more so when there is a quote or blockquote in your post being truncated. thus causing some script or code that is in blockquote or html script box to be divided due to adsense ads.

Overcome the adsense ads are truncated we can outsmart it with some script that I will share below of course. and for those of you who install the script put adsense ads in the middle like in this article

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The script or code above is working on some templates only, but in the latest template template updates, just the above code to generate errors in the post. nah dipesempatan previously I also have a share on how to install adsense ads in the middle of the post without damaging the article and how to deal with adsense ads that truncated HTML tags to be out you can read this dipostingan

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in the article above I share about adsense ads are truncated in the HTML tags so when you install adsense ads in the middle of your post appears the HTML code that comes out below after the ad, nah addressing the many problems regarding the installation or install adsense code in the middle of this so as not to cause a lot of damage to the template, post or your articles then you should replace it with the steps below, I guarantee 100% work and you no longer mess around with your article articles broken by adsense ads, let's see and follow lan gecko the following:

How To Install Adsense Ads Amidstout Quote Scripts / Damaged And Cutped Code

1. Login to your blogger dashboard
2. Then go to Edit HTML
3. Look for the code
4. Delete the code (the code is usually 2 locate adjacent)
5. If you have previously installed this code

6. Delete then replace the above code with the code below ago SAVE
7. Or if your template still has this script default please replace this code

8. Replace all the code above with the code below



  • Replace the Redcode The ad code above with your ad code, No need adsense code diparse again karna now the ad code is already supported on all types of templates
  • Replace Figures In parentheses with the position you want

Now by replacing with the code above hopefully the problem about ikla n in the middle you have resolved well hopefully this information is very helpful for you: D so and thank you: D


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