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How to Identify and Clean Spyware on HP


Actually there are several definitions of Spyware. But the most common definition is, Spyware can be interpreted as a program designed to steal or tap important user data such as passwords, PINs, e-mails and other important confidential data.

Not only that, Spyware also sometimes steals user browsing information such as what websites are frequently visited by users, user login information and so on. The existence of this Spyware is very harmful and dangerous for both user data and user devices (in some cases, Spyware can cause bootloop and system damage).

Through articles on its official website Kaspersky Lab categorizes Spyware into four parts namely adware, trojans, tracking cookies, and system monitors. Some of these Spyware have their respective roles, including:

  • Adware is a type of Spyware that is the main mastermind of popups that often appear and open themselves automatically in the victim's HP browser.
  • Trojan is a type of Spyware that has the task of damaging the system The victim's cellphone experiences a hang or even a bootloop.
  • Tracking cookies are intakes files that are intentionally implanted in the user's HP storage so that this file will record or track the victim's browsing history.
  • While the System monitor is tasked with recording special activities such as any keyboard keys which is often typed in the victim, recording the e-mail address and even the victim's password.

Dangers and Impacts of Spyware

There are many negative effects caused if your cell phone is infected with Spyware, including the following:

1. Your important data can be stolen

 Your important data can be stolen

You must have important data or files located on your cellphone. The data can vary, ranging from photos, videos, songs or even important documents that are not arbitrarily allowed people to access it.

One of the dangers of Spyware is being able to steal your important data or files without your knowledge. This spyware works tapping and is difficult to detect (only powerful antivirus can detect it).

Not only steals your important data, it can also steal or retrieve your browsing history, login details (email and password) stored on a website and others

2. Internet connection becomes slow

Some of the most annoying types of Spyware are often showing popup advertisements that really annoy users. Not only that, these popup advertisements usually open themselves in your browser, even directly open up to 5-10 pages. This causes the use of the internet to be more wasteful and causes the internet loading to be slow.

3. Your android's performance is starting to decrease

 Your android's performance is starting to decrease

Spyware habits that run in the background make resource consumption increase. CPU and RAM performance is suddenly high when you don't open any application. All that is caused by annoying Spyware.

In some cases, this Spyware can also make your cellphone hang or not responding. This is because all resouce is used by Spyware.

4. Your internet quota runs out quickly

As mentioned earlier that this Spyware act can cause your internet quota to run out quickly. Displaying regular popup advertisements and other activities from Spyware that require a connection make your internet quota run out quickly without you knowing it.

5. Bootlop occurred

 Bootlop occurred

The most severe impact of Spyware is bootlop or system damage to your cellphone. Bootloop is a condition where your cellphone experiences booting (restart) and only displays the Android logo repeatedly.

Maybe you can use a shortcut using the factory format feature that returns the condition of your cellphone to its default state ( factory settings / initial you bought). And even then you have to sacrifice your important data forcibly erased.

How to Clean Spyware with Malwarebytes

To check for Spyware as well as clean it, you can use an Anti-Spyware application called Malwarebytes.

1. Install the Malwarebytes application through Playstore. Just type "Malwarebytes" in the search field and the application will appear, just click Install and wait for it to finish.

 malwarebytes 0

2. Open the Malwarebytes application. It looks more or less like the image below, then select Get Started .

 malwarebytes 1

3. Malwarebytes requires permission to access files on your mobile storage. This is necessary to check whether the files are safe from spyware or other viruses. Therefore, select Give permission .

 malwarebytes 2

4. If a warning appears like this, just select Allow .

 malwarebytes 3

5. Malwarebytes has 2 versions, the first free version and the second Premium version. Since we are using the free version, then select SKIP .

 malwarebytes 4

6. You will be taken to the dashboard or the main menu of the Malwarebytes application. To ensure that your cell phone is safe from spyware / other viruses, then we need to do a scan on your cell phone.

 malwarebytes 6

7. Scroll down a bit, then select Run full scan to scan your cellphone.

 malwarebytes 8

8. Wait for the scanning process to finish. The length of time for this process depends on the size and number of files stored in your mobile storage.

 malwarebytes 9

9. The scanning process is complete. My cellphone found no harmful spyware or viruses.

 malwarebytes 10

Tips to Prevent Spyware Effectively

Prevention is certainly better than repair. As an Android user, there are a number of things that you need to pay attention to in order to avoid Spyware infections which are very harmful and dangerous to your cellphone.

1. Don't download carelessly on the internet

 Don't download carelessly on the internet

Uploading and downloading activities become a daily routine for internet users. You may have downloaded files for free on the internet several times. And even then you do it without worrying and just enjoy it when downloading free files, whether it's mp3 songs, movies, videos, documents, etc.

This habit of downloading free files is one of the factors that your cellphone is infected with Spyware . From now on, be wise to download anything from the internet and make sure what you download is safe and not suspicious files. Also make sure you download files from sites that are trusted and free of viruses.

2. Install the Anti-Spyware application

There are many Anti-Spyware applications that you can use, of course each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our first recommendation is Malwarebytes or you can see list of recommended Anti-Spyware here .

Installing an Anti-Spyware application can minimize Spyware on your cellphone. In addition, some Anti-Spyware applications are also equipped with a RAM cleaner feature that you can use to clean junk files that have accumulated and are not useful.

3. Avoid installing haphazard applications

 Avoid installing haphazard applications

Another bad habit of Android users is the hobby of installing haphazard applications. The most frequently installed applications are applications that are able to make money instantly, even though all of it is a lie. In these applications are usually planted with Spyware or other types of viruses which of course adversely affect your cell phone.

4. Don't open suspicious e-mails

It's no secret if spam e-mails are still carried out by irresponsible people. As an internet user, you should be wiser and be wary of incoming emails in your inbox.

If the file is suspicious and even uses a foreign language that you do not understand, it is better to just delete it. Don't click on the link or download the attachment included in the email. It could be that the email has been infiltrated by Spyware and intends to steal your important data.

5. Minimize the use of VPN applications

 Minimize the use of VPN applications

VPN applications are often used to open sites that are blocked by governments. Some use VPN to open illegal and dangerous sites.

Not all VPN applications are dangerous and contain Spyware. Some are safe to use. Even so, we strongly encourage you to minimize use of VPN to avoid unwanted things.

With the above article, I hope you will be more careful about your activities on the internet so that you are not infected with Spyware that can cause loss of data or even damage to the system on your cellphone. Always use the Anti-Spyware application that we recommend to keep your cellphone in a safe condition. Hope it is useful and don't forget to share it with your relatives and friends!


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