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How to Get / Buy Three Cheap Internet Quota

Kartu Three is an Indonesian cellular network operator that remains committed to providing cheap internet services. Therefore, it is not surprising that Three is widely used by consumers, especially young people. Talking about affordable internet packages, Three offers a variety of choices.

This card 3 provider is not like the other providers. Lots of features are provided specifically for their respective fields and majors such as midnight midnight quota. Special quota for YouTube. Special quota for streamig video, special social media quota and many others.

Therefore this tri is quite famous because it can adjust to the needs of its users. For this reason, many people still trust Tri as the king of the internet. In addition, the prices offered are very diverse. And of course it can be adjusted to the needs of your pocket.

For all of your friends who are fans of card 3. The following is a list along with how to get / buy Tri cheap quota. Which of course you can try Please select according to the wishes and tastes of each of you.

 How to Get / Buy Three Cheap Internet Quota "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 350 "data-original-width =" 500 " height = "448" src = "https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-7gfjDzDXm_Y/XLQJzaiqsOI/AAAAAAAAFgs/h_ovBeCzoQMCxqNLuQ8R-hQq1jkMwjLQgCLcBGAs/s640/How%2BGet%2B Buy %2BKuota%2BInternet%2BThree%2BMurah.jpg" title = "How to Get / Buy Three Cheap Internet Quota" width = "640" /> </div>
 How to buy Three 2 GB internet package Only 1500 rupiah </h2>
 1. Via the dial up menu </h3>
<p>Did you know that Three provides super cheap internet quota services? Yes, name <br />
the package is Three 2 GB 1500 rupiah internet. Represents the name of the package, with only Rp. <br />
1,500.00. You can already enjoy 2 GB internet quota. </p>
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However, before deciding to buy this package, check first if your number Three gets this promo.

Checking cheap internet package promos is very easy, you are enough pressing the * 111 * 1 # button on the dial up menu.

If number Three is lucky, then the choice of 2 GB 1500 rupiah internet package usually automatically appears on the menu.

Next, you can purchase this internet package by selecting the option "Package Three 1500 2 GB" and input the number 1.

2. Via text message or sms

Apart from using the dial up menu, you can also get a Three 2 GB 1500 rupiah cheap internet package.
get by short message or sms. How to get / buy this cheap Three quota
easy enough

You just need to send an SMS with the format "2GBA" then send it to 234.

However, before subscribing make sure you know that the nature of this package is auto renewal.

2GB 1500 rupiahs will be automatically extended if your credit
is sufficient.

If you do not intend to subscribe to this package in the long term, you can stop it immediately.

The way you can do is send an SMS with the format " STOP AU2GB "to number 234.

How to buy Three 2.5 GB internet package Only 2000 rupiah

1. Via the dial up menu

One quota package that fits in your pocket is the internet Three 2.5 GB 2000 rupiah . According to
with the package name, you will get a 2.5GB quota with only IDR
2,000.00. How very cheap isn't it? However, it must be ascertained beforehand
first does your Tri card get this cheap internet promo.

How to check it is quite easy where you only have to press * 111 * 1 # on dial menu.

If your card gets this promo, it will usually appear immediately on the menu.

Next, you can purchase this internet package by selecting the option "Package Three
2000 2.5 GB " and input numbers 1.

2. Via text message or sms

Besides through the dial up menu, you can also apply how to get / buy quotas
Three cheap 2.5 GB 2000 rupiah by sms.

How to purchase the package you can do by sending a short message "2.5GBA" then send it to number 234.

However, before subscribing you need to know that the package this is auto renewal.

It means that the Three 2.5 GB 2000 internet package will be automatically renewed when
your credit is sufficient.

Most of you may forget this so that without pulses owned continuously decreases.

Therefore, if you want to unsubscribe from this package then please send an SMS in the format "STOP AU2,5GB" to number 234.

As one of the many Indonesian cellular network operators, Three is trying to
attracted consumers' interest by offering cheap internet packages.

The above example is some of the 1945 internet quota packages that you can get at affordable prices. If you are interested in
to subscribe, you can immediately make a purchase via SMS or the dial up menu.


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