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How To Follow Bulk Many Instagram Accounts Automatically

How To Follow Bulk Many Instagram Accounts of others Automatically as well as many by using javascript + Jquery console browser google chrome and mozilla firefox. Hello buddy bloggers this time as usually admin code whiz will share a little tips and tricks about instagram follow button script. if the previous article admin has shared the script code automatically to like well on this occasion admin will also share the script automatically to mengollow hundreds of thousands and even millions of instagram accounts of others. For those of you who have not had time to read articles about bombs like Instagram automatically please read this article:

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Many of us who want Instagramnya have many followers. But the simplest way is to rely on follback from Instagram others. Only in this way can we get instant Instagram followers and automatic. Well to follow other users with manual way you can do. So what if follow up to thousands of accounts, surely this will spend your time and the process would drain a lot of energy. For that we need a little automatic robot in order to be able to follow Instagram account other users quickly. For friends who are looking for script follow Instagram code automatic.dibawah this will admin share.

In 2017 many bots of Instagram JavaScript aka aka can no longer be used. Well all the scripts should be replaced with new code codes in2018 and 2019 until next year. This is reasonable because instagram continues to make changes to the algorithm with the aim to combat spam activities. Spam activity is a very exaggerated activity. Many users also feel the loss of some actions of this irresponsible user.

Then whether the script that admin share this is a spam activity ?? Actually the difference between spam activity is not the action you are doing. Any action taken excessively will result in spamming. Meanwhile, if you do it according to the portion I think this is legitimate only.

Before we get into the topic of discussion there are some things you should remember.

You can follow hundreds of accounts with some time lags. If done too fast then the limit follow the account was quickly limited by the Instagram. In other words if this is done quickly. So soon you will get violated. That is you can no longer follow other users. In a few days.

because I will share this is a follow function then many things you should really note

If you already understand about the rules that I have to say. So let's look at the following steps.

How To Follow Bulk Many Instagram Accounts Auto

1. please log into your instagram account

2. now look for an instagram profile that followersnya we will follow all

3. in this example I use followers instagram raditya dika

4. please search disearch type the name raditya dika if you have met visit the account

5. then click list followersnya for later followers / followers raditya dika we will follow it all

6. if it is already open panel list followersnya please right click and then inspect element in your browser or can directly press F12 or Fn + F12 on your keyboard. if it is already open then click the console button like picture below

7. The next step is to enter the javascript below the browser console colole that was open earlier please copy the code below and after that do not forget to press the enter key to run it.

var jqueryScript = document.createElement ('script'); [johnson] ) {
// Important: change this red rendering according to the button text in your language
// for example if spanish then name it "Se
let unfollowButtonText = " Follow ";
// jQuery Selector for buttons containing the word" Follow "
let selector =` button: contains ('$ {unfollowButtonText}') `;
// 60 seconds waiting time for continue the next follow-up
// process if less than the specified time it will be temporarily blocked by Instagram API and you will see 403 error on network

let currentTime = 0;
let step = 60 * 1000 ;
// Query key
let unfollowButtons = $ (selector);
// Total buttons found
let totalUnfollowButtons = unf ollowButtons.length;
if (! totalUnfollowButtons) {
alert ("Error: no Following buttons found, maybe change the text of the button?");}
// script by jagoankode
unfollowButtons .each (function (index) {
let button = $ (this);
setTimeout (function () {
(function (i) {
console.log (`following $ {i} ($ = totalUnfollowButtons) {
console.log ("Script finished succesfully!");

}) (index + 1);
}, currentTime);
currentTime + = step;
// Inject Script!
document .getElementsByTagName ('head') [0] .appendChild (jqueryScript);

replace the code that I highlight red with your instagram language if bahasaindonesia then change the text to follow

The blue code above I made time to follow my cash i 60 seconds so the time is quite long. if you want to speed up please replace with smaller number

7. if successful then the code will appear succesfully walk like picture below

okay buddy until here first encounter us on this day hopefully this information can benefit for all of you so and thanks: D


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