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How to fix Youtube error playback id

"In the past few days, every video I will play on youtube displays an error message" Tap to Retry Error Video Playback ". The same situation might also happen to you who will play the video. Actually, a large number of users have experienced the same error as I experienced, because this is the most common error that appears from YouTube. Then, how to overcome this Youtube error playback id? The following are the steps for the fix:

How to fix Youtube error playback id

  1. Try changing your Internet connection from Data to Wi-Fi or vice versa.
  2. Clean file cache, cookies, history in your browser . If You Use a Computer / Laptop.
  3. If you use the Youtube Application on your Cellphone you can go to Menu Settings> History and Privacy> Delete "Clear watch History & Clear search history"
  4. Update your device and make sure the YouTube application, browser, firmware and flash player are in the latest version. If they expire, you must update them first and try to play the video again.
  5. Adjust the video quality in your YouTube application. To prevent similar problems from recurring, you must go to the settings menu to set the video quality preferences by default.
  6. Disable hardware acceleration in the flash player because it also causes errors when you play videos on YouTube. Then visit the video page and play the video you will watch. Right-click the video> Click Settings> Find Enable Hardware Acceleration and uncheck.


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