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How to Fix "Windows Modules Installer Worker" Windows 10 High CPU

What is Windows Modules Installer Worker?

Windows Installer Modules Worker (TiWorker.Exe) is a Windows Update Service that works to find new updates and install them on your computer. In other words, when your computer system checks for Windows updates or installs any updates, this process will run automatically.

That's why when we look at the task manager Windows Modules Installer Worker consumes the most CPU resources that cause your Windows 10 computer to slow down.

how to repair a Windows Installer Worker that causes a High CPU and is slow?

are 2 solutions that you can try to fix this problem. You
may not have to try both; if Method 1 doesn't work, then you
can try Method 2 to solve the problem.

  • Turning off and disabling the Windows Update service
  • Changing your Internet settings

Both Method 1 & Method 2 will stop Automatic Windows updates on
your computer.

Solution 1: Shut down
and disable the Update / update service

Windows Update service is running, Windows can check or
install update. So if we stop and deactivate the service
Windows Update, Windows cannot check or install what updates
even. As a result, the Windows Installer Worker process
Worker (TiWorker.Exe)
will not use a large source from the CPU

this is how to stop and disable the Windows Update service:

On your keyboard, press the Windows logo button
+ R
at the same time

Type the command services.msc and click

3) You will then see the Services window. Click
twice Windows

4) On the general tab the startup type changes
become disable
and click Stop
. Then click Apply > OK .

5) The CPU usage on your computer will return
normal. If it doesn't work, you can try the second solution at

Solution 2:
Change your Internet settings

How to
Another way to stop Windows Automatic Updates on your computer is
change your Internet connection to a measurable connection. See how

If you are
use the Wi-Fi Network

  1. Start> Settings> Network & Internet> Wi-FI. And click Advanced Options.
  2. Activate Set as metered connection .

If you are using a wired / LAN network

  1. Press the Windows + R> type regedit> OK
  2. Then open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft> Windows NT> CurrentVersion> NetworkList> DefaultMediaCost
  3. Right-click on DefaultMediaCost and select Permissions
  • Click Add Then type your .
  • Click allow at Full Control . click OK .
  • Do double-click on Ethernet . Then set the value of the data to 2 .
    Click OK and close the Regedit Editor window.
  • Restart your compter.


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