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How to fix the Unidentified network error on Windows 10/8/7

Maybe you have faced a problem with network connectivity at
laptop or computer error message appears Unidentified
in Indonesian language means
. The following is a step
correct fixing Unidentified Network error on Windows 10/8/7:

Solution 1:
Turn off Airplane mode

If an Unidentified Network error occurs on Windows 10. You especially
you must first make sure that Airplane mode is turned off. The way as
the following:

1] Press the Windows + A button. This opens 'Action Center.'

2] Check whether the Airplane mode is ON. If yes, change it to OFF
and check whether your internet has been

Airplane mode can be accidentally activated.

Solution 2: Update your Lan / Wifi driver

Sometimes an Unidentified Network error problem can be caused by a computer driver

1] Right-click on the Start button (on Windows 10) Search
Device Manager in Control panel (for windows 7)

2] Click Device Manager to open it.

3] Find 'Network Adapters'. Right-click on all drivers
Network and update one by one.

Solution 3: Perform Automatic Diagnosis

This is an automatic repair solution that you can do for all
Windows version.

1] Press Windows + X or right-click on the Start button.

2] Click on 'Network Connections'.

3] Right-click on the network connection You (Ethernet or
Wifi) and click on ‘ Diagnose ‘.
This will start an automatic troubleshooter.

Solution 4: Run the repair command in the Command Promt

Run the repair command via the promt command below

  • Click Start> on Search> CMD
    then press Enter> Right Click> Run as Administrator.

Type the command below which each line ends
by pressing the button Enter

 ipconfig / release 
 ipconfig / renew 
 netsh winsock reset 
 netsh int ip reset 
 ipconfig / flushdns 
 ipconfig / registerdns 
 netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled 
 netsh int tcp global set autotuninglevel = disabled 
 netsh int tcp set global rss = enabled 
 netsh int tcp global show 

If All methods above the Unidentified Network error still appear, check the following

  • Restart Your Internet Modem
  • Make sure your modem is in good condition (no
    damaged) and there is no interference from your Provider, Example: if you
    using Telkom providers, make sure there are no problems from Telkom.

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