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How to Fix the Error in the NVidia VGA Driver

When we install new drivers, misconfiguration and conflicts may happen. Usually this happens when we install a new VGA software / driver or update the VGA driver. There may be some errors such as not being able to connect to VGA Nvidia GeForce, Nvidia control panel can not open & many more errors that appear on VGA Nvidoa.

Below is a list of some common problems related to NVIDIA VGA Driver error [19659003] How to Fix, X Server does not start, and log files on VGA Nvidia:

The NVIDIA kernel module does not seem to receive any interruptions generated by NVIDIA PCI graphics devices: x: x: x.

Error with routing PCI IRQ causes this problem. The APIC I / O problem and device division can also be a factor inhibiting.

The Fix it is: You can configure your graphics card in such a way that it does not share IRQ with other devices. For this, move the graphics card to another slot. Unload or disable drivers for devices that share IRQ cards. Remove or deactivate devices that share IRQ with VGA Nvidia.

How to Fix Stereo error is not syncing across multiple displays on VGA Nvidia.

Probably, you have attached the display to the same GPU. One of them does not sync with stereo.

How to Fix this problem is: If you have attached the display to various GPUs, use G-Sync device. This is supported by certain Quadro cards.

After upgrading the NVIDIA kernel version, the Nvidia Control Panel Application could not open.

How to Fix this problem is: You can reinstall your Nvdia VGA driver.

OpenGL application crashing

Dynamic loader (19659007)

Fixed environment variable


To do this, in bash shell , enter:

% export __GL_SINGLE_THREADED = 1 

And in csh and its derived entries:


Why OpenGL Applications Nvidia consume a lot of memory.

If kernel using -rmap VM, memory leaks may occur.

How to Fix this problem is: Update Your VVNVidia Driver Version.

After installing the driver, Enable 3D acceleration is still grayed out

Many applets are not configured for NVIDIA acceleration drivers. This is why the driver does not update when you install the driver.

How to fix this problem: make sure the drivers you install match the Nvidia VGA you are using.

Why Openv Nvidia Applications runs so highly slow?

Maybe this app uses a different directory, which is on your system. This is different from using the OpenGL libraries provided by NVIDIA.

How to fix this problem is: Remove and reinstall your VGA driver.

Resolution and font sizes do not match after installing NVIDIA drivers.

Information DPI (Dots Per Inch) that causes this.

How to Fix this Problem is:

% xdpyinfo | grep dimensions 

The above command will display the size report in pixels, and in millimeters.

If these numbers are wrong you can fix them by modifying the DPI settings.


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