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How to Fix MyTelkomsel Error – Dunia-It.com

is an application from Telkomsel that serves to provide convenience to
Telkomsel customers, both users of Sympathy, Halo Card, AS Card & LOOP.
With the Mytelkomsel application we can manage accounts and access services
customers such as check out, purchase internet packages, check phone, sms and
other features.

I myself
is a user of the Mytelkomsel application, in the past few days
experienced some errors, starting from, unable to enter the application
mytelkomsel, can't check kouta, can't make package purchases, and
absolutely not connected with
I've also experienced mytelkomsel.

In the article
this time I will provide solutions and information for you if you experience this
the same one. The following is how to deal with errors that occur in the MyTelkomsel application

1. Make sure you have an internet package

because MyTelkomsel requires an internet connection to be able to access.

2. Delete your VPN network settings

You can delete VPN settings by going to the Settings menu>
Network> VPN> Delete VPN

3. Disable it
VPN application

If you are
use the VPN application on your mobile, Try to disable the VPN Application

4. Perform Activation Self Service and
turn off the Internet

You can activate or deactivate your own internet by accessing the following code from the screen
call on your mobile:

  • * 363 * 213 #
     to activate the internet
  • * 363 * 212 #
     to deactivate the internet

Restart on your mobile after doing one of the codes

5. Use a Data Connection or vice versa

If you experience an error when accessing the MyTelkomsel application when
using WIFI try changing your connection to WIFI, and vice versa.

6. Delete Data & Cache in the MyTelkomsel application

How to open the menu Settings> Applications> MyTelkomsel
> Force Stop> Clear data & cache

7. Make sure your MyTelkomsel application has been updated

8. Delete and Reinstall the MyTelkomsel application

If all the above methods have not resolved the MyTelkomsel error you can contact Telkomsel via:


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