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How to Fix Max Stream Telkomsel error

MAXstream is a video app featuring thousands of movies and TV series from HOOQ, VIU, etc., and offers a variety of exciting subscription packages from VideoMAX from Telkomsel

For those of you Telkomsel users can access MAXstream using 3G internet quota as well 4G or VideoMAX quota or internet quota.

If you are currently experiencing the following MAX stream error problem are some ways to resolve it:

  1. Restart your phone first then try reopening the Max Stream app. If you can not do the second way
  2. Make sure your Max Stream Telkomsel package is active. You can see Max Stream package on menu "Settings Profiles ", select "My Packages". If this second way has not worked for you please continue to the 3rd tutorial below
  3. Make sure your Max Stream Telkomsel Package is already verified. If not you can verify by: Click "Log In" button in Amx Stream application> Then Enter your phone number. > Enter the verification code to be received via SMS Then> Click "Verify" button> Activation done

If there is another question about error in Telkomsel Max Stream application please leave the comment below:


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