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How to Fix Internet Error 154140712 on PUBG Mobile

The mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has recently been released on iOS and Android, and overall this mobile version gets a warm welcome from gamers. Some users have reported Internet Error 154140712 problem in PUBG Mobile, but this error is relatively easy to fix.

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Internet Error:

The First Way: Changing DNS Network Manually

using the Android phone can follow the steps below:

  • Settings> Select the Network you are using (WIFI / Data)
  • Select the network name you are using and select Options

In the IP Settings change to Static> empty ip address, gateway

  • Then change DNS 1 to: and DNS 2 to [19659009] Try your PUBG game again. (19659004) Step 1: Download and Install VPN Application

    VPN software will allow you to skip regional boundaries and will fix PUBG Mobile internet errors.

    19659012] All you need to do is go to Google Play or App Store and download the free VPN software.

    Step 2: Enable VPN

    After downloading and installing your VPN app, you must log in using your Facebook account or by signing up. Then, you can start using the VPN app by enabling the VPN server.

    This will give you a different IP from your current region. However, you do not need to use VPN at all times to play PUBG Mobile.

    Step 3: Change Server Settings

    If Error Internet Error 154140712 in PUBG Mobile is gone, and you can login to your PUBG account. Then, do not forget to disable your VPN app, as it may cause lag, if you keep VPN apps enabled.

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